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TIME Magazine Interviews: Robert Kiyosaki

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The financial guru’s new book is ‘Conspiracy of the Rich.’ Robert Kiyosaki will now take your questions
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Robert Kiyosaki – New Rules of Money
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Business Ideas – 3 Lessons from Robert Kiyosaki


Robert Kiyosaki on Saving Money!?


  1. Best part of the video is 0:14 when interviewer pronounced Ajay? Gupta as AJ Gupta.

  2. Haha, he apparently does have more than enough to satisfy himself, or too much. I took one of his courses and apparently he has a Lambo, Ferrari, I think Rolls Royce, and 5? or 6 Porsches haha. Yes, this guy knows the game and how to win it.



  5. If the thought of working 8+ hours a day, 5+days a week for 40+ years of your life with nothing to show when you retire but debt frightens you, then it might help? to listen to what this guy has to say

  6. 2:21 wtf!?

  7. Gold Line International is a unified international system of mutual financial aid created with the only purpose — to unite people from all over the world and to make this huge multinational community work autonomously performing endless operations distributing and redistributing funds? as mutual financial aid.

  8. This man may not? say what you want to hear. He says what you have to hear if you want to move forward. And I agree with him: Most guys are pussies/sheep! They should get a job in the ratrace and retire at age 67.

  9. Financial Intellegence is what I WANT! BUT NOOO! SCHOOL ONLY teaches us a bunch of? things we don’t NEED in life!

  10. ? Goldline International-International system of mutual financial aid!

  11. Goldline International-International system of mutual financial aid!

  12. lol nice zinger on Bush…?3:44

  13. taxes make people poor? what? the hell…

  14. Kiyosaki is a salesman and? a motivational speaker. He has no financial expertise and won’t disclose his supposed real estate or other investment success.

  15. he looks tired ?

  16. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. I know from bitter experience. If I could go back in time, I wouldn;t quit my job. I had an okay salary, so I could’ve lived more modestly and invested in gold & silver. But noooo, I had to? act all macho and wham! now I’m in the shit.
    I admire Robert, but there are many ways to financial independence. But he’s right that entrepreneurs cannot afford to be whimpy.

  17. most guys are wimps,pussies,cowards so they should? get a job

    wow that sure has impact

  18. wow, Robert i praise your HARDCORE HONESTY,,,, i am not disciplined enough yet to the level of your hardcore honesty but as you said i? will not quit until i achieve the rich mentality,,,great common sense. Thank you for posting

  19. did he just? say pussies?

  20. By the way, Doctor ‘s job is saving poeple ‘s life, but there is bad Dr. and good Dr. and there is? doctor who love to pay Taxes, “Take all the [email protected] contribution You want, I love it.” Wake up
    Big fat rat, admit it. You are in the rat race. Robert K is helping people by teaching people how to fish rather than give a fish. Millions times more than you can contribution. I don’t have 8 years colleges degree, but I understand his books and You don’t, shame on You “Doctor”.

  21. Robert Kiyosaki , you are awesome ! Your advises and books have helping millions people waking up in their finanacial situations and making changes to become wealthy or better life.
    LISTEN TO THIS ” I ‘m a doctor and love helping people, but am not? rich. viewing myself as being in rat race is pretty insulting and degrading.” or ” You are not bring contribution to the world has no value to me .” OH come on , with high paying occupation and not rich ,you are either financial idiot or B spender.

  22. Any money he’s obtained has been from selling books, and he’s? definitely not worth $80 million.

  23. So, do I take the financial advice from the broke cynics with nothing better to do than post negative comments on videos, or the wealthy producer who has too much money to even know that? the cynics exist?

  24. What do rich people do with their money? They invest their capital disproportionately towards projects which will eventually generate further wealth and make them a profit. He said I own 14,000 apartments, 8 oil wells etc. Where do you think investments come from that grow economy? Resource x is used to develop resource y, and you need a lot of resource x to do it, wealthy people have accumulated those resources and drive markets. ? The problem is the banking system not capitalism

  25. I personally like Robert and love this video? …

  26. The so called 26 million books he sold is dubious, and he did? a deal with amway to get them to promote his book to their IBO’s, that’s how he sold his books in the beginning. Before that he owned two businesses which failed and was broke as a joke. He’s just another scam artist/salesman.

  27. i dont know if he is really so important in business – but if you sale 26 million books – do you need anything else to do??? Or book buyers just give him money when they buy his book and then he reinvest this money in to another bussines ๐Ÿ™‚ I cant say he is succsesful ๐Ÿ™‚ but? i know that even if book is his only succseful thing – he is good in that ๐Ÿ™‚ thats nothing wrong in that!

  28. Kiosaki is a total fraud, he is a failed businessman, who his break by having doing a deal with amway to promote his rich dad poor dad book to gulible IBO’s. The man makes money charging marks like you for his? board games, seminars, books etc, thats how he got rich, nothing to do with him being a great business. There is a quality website by john t reed who totally and utter debunks Kyosaki.

    Kiosaki is just a salesman, he’s no guru.

  29. ? Goldline International-International system of mutual financial aid!

  30. ? Goldline International-International system of mutual financial aid!

  31. What is RISA? he talks about?

  32. If only it were this simple! I work from home and actually do make good money but? I work hard. If anyone is interested in a REAL opportunity to make good money by working hard then join my team! Just email me: [email protected]

  33. Kiyosaki is a salesman and a motivational speaker. He has no financial expertise and won’t disclose his supposed real estate or? other investment success.

  34. when did Kiyosaki actually film? this video? Jw out of curiosity

  35. Time warp back to the 80s.?

  36. I’m 34 and also think the same way you do. I accelerated my mortgage? as fast I can afford without maxing myself on a rope. Started a homebased business while I still hold my full time job. I get poked fun at too. Just like Peter Schiff and these other guys. Don’t mind them. Remember, people like us will have the last laugh.

  37. When I bought my? first house at 26 with plans of flipping it in 4 months people told me I was an idiot. “Why would you not wanna buy a house to spend your life in” they said…now I own 8 rental properties and counting and I dont hold a day job anymore. Im 31.

  38. And are totally brainwashed into being stuck in the poor? quadrant.

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  40. Since I first read Rich Dad, Poor Dad 10 years ago I have generated millions of Dollars in business, using this man’s ideas. Only broke, stupid and jealous people would say he is a fraud.? If you really put his ideas into practice, you can do better in life – fact!

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  42. I’d wish I listened to this guy? 4 years ago. Now I’m presently kicking myself in the ass.

  43. exelent

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  45. People who claim he is a fraud are? jealous of his success.

  46. genius.?

  47. He’s not to much of a fraud? if he’s making the money. Fiction or not….Think about it. LOL!

  48. How do you know he owns 4000 properties? Because he said so? His? best-selling book was fiction. He called it non-fiction.

  49. Id rather be a fraud and own over? 4000 properties….

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