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Time Education!

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Financial education is important for various reasons. For example, financial education helps me to identify risks so that I can avoid financial traps such as the use of future money from credit cards on luxury items. By using my future money, essentially I will be depriving myself of the chance to invest in assets that will generate passive income. Passive income is the key to creating wealth, as I have understood from the book Rich Dad Poor by Robert Kiyosaki. Also, I will need to pay large amount of compounding interest for my outstanding credit cards bills.

I have heard a lot about financial education but I rarely heard anything on time education. Yes, I have heard about time management but there is a difference between time management and time education. Time management is invented for busy people to manage their time. It is not meant for people who have a lot of spare time. For people who have a lot of spare time, time management does not make sense at all!

What do I mean by time education? Time education educates one on how to make full use of ones time. It should include investment, risk management and time management just like financial education. The purpose of time education is so that one makes the best use of ones time to realize ones potential.

Time is a limited resource that is always draining away whether I make full use of it or not. In that sense, it is even more precious than money. Time and money is the only two available things that I can invest to create wealth based on what I had learned from the Rich Dads series by Robert Kiyosaki. Yet, there is no full syllabus on time education. Sometime, I wish that there were such a thing as a compulsory time education where I am taught on all aspects about time.

What are the aspects about time that I will like to learn from time education?

Firstly, I like to learn that I can earn passive time similar to the way that I can earn passive income. Using an asset that can speed up or automate a manual process, I am able to gain passive time. For example, I can leave my washing machine running while I do other things. I can reduce my washing time using the washing machine as compared to manual washing of my clothes.

Secondly, I like to learn that there is a compounding interest for time too! For example, if I am interested to learn violin. I will invest my time to learn and practice violin consistently. After the first year, my skills maybe below average. After the second year, my skills will progress because of my consistent time investment to learn and practice. After a number of years of consistent time investment, there will reach a point where I will have a break through. My skills will reach a superb level. This is like having a compounding return based on the time invested.

It will be great if there is a time projection chart that can give me a guideline on how much time I need to invest to reach a particular goal. For examples, if I want to be a superb violinist, I will need to invest 10 years of time to learn and practice. If I want to be a millionaire, I will need to invest 15 years of time to learn and practice. If I want to be a top golfer, I will need to invest 12 years of time to learn and practice.

This is like doing a projected return for my financial investments. Before I do any investment, I will like to know the projected return of the investment. For example, if fund A gives me a greater amount of projected return compared to fund B, I will probably choose to invest in fund A if the risk involved is the same. Similarly, if there is a time projection chart, I will want to choose the investment with best return.

Thirdly, I will like to know about the dangers of time wastage. If I waste my time, what are the dangers that I need to face? For example, if I do not plan for my retirement early, then I will loss the advantage of earning compounding interest for my financial investment. The danger will be that I may not have enough money for retirement.

Another example is that if I do not exercise regularly, then I will loss the advantage of building a healthy body. In the long terms, I face the danger of falling sick easily. This will cause me to loss time because I need time to recover. Also, I will loss money because I need to pay for my medical bills.

These are just some of the aspects of time education that I can think of at the moment. It is definitely more than just time management. Though I agree that financial education is important as gathered from Rich Dads series by Robert Kiyosaki, I also feel that time education is just as important.

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