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THE DOLLAR CRISIS (1/3) – Mike Maloney & Richard Duncan

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THE DOLLAR CRISIS (1/3) - Mike Maloney & Richard Duncan

Richard Duncan has written two of the greatest books on our global economy, ‘The Dollar Crisis’ and “The Corruption Of Capitalism’. Richard has drawn up some concrete steps that he believes the USA must take immediately in order to steady the ship and pave the way for future sustainable growth. Do we have time? Part 2 and 3 to follow.

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Mike Maloney – How Will Global Financial Crisis End


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  1. Thumbs up if you? figured out which of them farted!

  2. @TestTubeWorld LEADING SCIENTIST!! haha.
    Hitlers are BORN, evil is BORN, you can’t condition a person to act that way nor can you condition it OUT of them. You go PROVE it can be done. Sapolski can’t. These frauds? are brainwashers and YOU are a victim.

  3. Hi, I just noticed that? SPOT PRICE is different depend on which site you go in. I just looked at APMEX($46.66), NWT($46.58), GoldSilver($47.90), Monarch($46.72), Monoex($46.60), and Kitco($46.72). I reloaded each pages which you should not have to if? they kept updating every second or every min., they should all match up yes? ? Could you explain to me why this is?

  4. Before Hyperinflation starts, it could possible come? before that to an deflation shock for a short period of time

  5. Duncan says 5 to 10 years of opportunity? Try 5? to to 10 months, lol. I can’t imagine the world markets being ok with QE2 money printing for much longer than that.

  6. — Don’t buy into the BS from the super-rich that they’ll all move out of the country if their taxes are raised – they’ve been saying it for yrs but few do.

    How many on Forbes 500 list left when Bush & Clinton raised taxes on the super-rich?

    We’ve actually had yrs when the Max Tax Rate doubled & few left

    There are more’n a 100 reasons – 1 being income is taxed where it is made so just moving yourself doesn’t do? it & if you move back you must file amened returns, etc

  7. Go right ahead and increase the tax rate to 30% on the richest Americans. They’ll close up shop, and move out of the country. You’ll not only not get the 10% you used to get, but you’ll lose the income tax on all those people you put out of work AND you’ll have to pay them unemployment insurance benefits. It makes no sense to drive the wealthy out of your country, but if you insist, please? let them know they are welcome in Canada. We’d be glad to have the jobs they can create.

  8. The Bubble are created by the? Fed – “END THE FED”!

  9. That’s a great story. I hope you are right, that we can get out of that. Many had jobs and the US was very industrious. Folks then really worked hard. They didn’t shop for trinkets made in China as a pastime. Now 70% is consumer base with an average credit card debt? of $8000.They didn’t borrow. Many were hard working farmers. We had a steel and textile industry.We now have full prisons.
    The dollar was backed by gold, now it is becoming worthless fiat. Now, world debt crisis. Scary!

  10. Cont – from below –

    And we can manage now by cutting the Defense Dept by 30% & increasing the MAX TAX RATE on the richest 10% by 30%

    But we ere gonna go bankrupt if we keep giving the richest 10% tax cuts so that many are paying a lower % of income in tax than many in the middle class.?

  11. — As dire as the straits appear it’s not hopeless.

    It was much worse during the Civil War

    Lincoln had a federal budget of about $60 million in yearly revenue & then? borrowed $5 billion – much of it from Europe.

    That’s about 20 times worse than our current situation & many said we could never come out of it.

    But we did w/ Lincoln placing a big income tax, inheritance tax, & asset tax mostly on richest 10%

    And we can do the same now.

  12. Cut it 100%, along with the department of education, all of them………’s too late. It can’t be? paid. This country is bankrupt. Don’t you get it.
    All that is done now as we speak, Bernanke is cranking out fiat, monopoly money

  13. – if you count the wars, the Def Dept is over half? of the budget – IT MUST BE CUT BY AT LEAST 30%.

  14. We could cut defense by 100%, including the Dep. of Energy, EPA, Dept of Agriculture. Cut everything, All of Them! Except Social Security, Welfare, Medicare and Medicaid. Under this scenario, the US would still be incapable of paying it’s debt. So many have done the mathematics.
    When I go to work on Monday until Wednesday at 2PM, I will finally work for myself.The rest is taken by taxes,etc.
    Tax? people some more is what you say? Are you nuts? You must be a welfare recipient.

  15. The way things are going with our debt, where is the money coming from to pay our debt of $14T @ 100%GDP, a debt super cycle. We are up the handle of the hockey stick graph.
    Iceland thought they were fine, overnight the bottom fell out. Just before that Iceland was the best place in? the world to live.No unemployment, crime rate almost nil.
    The only way this country can survive, if we get all our jobs back and produce.A cut here or there does not work,impossible.

  16. For now we need to cut Defense spending? by 30%

    And increase the MAX TAX RATE by 30%, at least closer to where it was under Eisenhower.

    That would go a long way toward balancing the budget & getting the house in order.

  17. How about backing the dollar w/? rice?

  18. @TestTubeWorld “There is no difference between a gandhi baby or a hitler baby, only the environment they are brought up in. The system provides incentive for bad? behavior, people are not born bad!”
    Hitlers are BORN AS HITLERS it NEVER has anything to do with anything but IN BORN INSTINCT to do harm to others. Never in the HISTORY of all mankind has the opposite been shown to be true. NEVER.
    Evil is BORN, not built.

  19. @TestTubeWorld open YOUR eyes – mine have been a billion % open since before you were born.
    Money NEVER provides social stratification. NEVER. It has never been so. It provides RESOURCE stratification which is ENSLAVED to human behaviour to stratify. No matter if NO MONEY EVER EXISTED the precise same conditions exist with HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. I have done the research and CLEARLY YOU HAVE DONE NONE AT ALL. NONE.
    People with lesser ability to work or persuade others? ALWAYS are pushed down.

  20. how old is mike?? just wondering.

  21. That sure was a nice car.? Nice TIES both of u.

  22. Read this important book for free on internet,here you have in detail,their plan,their? tricks and what is coming.
    who Is Esau-Edom..Who Is Esau-Edom.

  23. That’s actually the reason? all the international banksters use gold with each other – this allows actual trade for actual value without just a debt note AND it denies one international bankster to control the NEXT one. It doesn’t matter who has more as long as each group has ENOUGH to trade. That’s all that matters.

  24. wrong.
    “Tally Sticks, etc, worked. The problem with going back to a gold standard is that it puts control into the hands of the people that own? MOST of the gold. And who would that be? The same international bankers.”
    #1 tally sticks are still debt
    #2 control can’t go to the “most” gold – it goes to ANYONE with gold.
    That’s how gold works. You can buy a lot with it & control your own destiny. My gold can’t control your gold. Gold DOESN’T work that way. Paper does.

  25. yes, profit does require inefficiency if everyone tries to do it at once but “scarcity” is worth elaborating on. Capitalism will go as far as forcing agents in the system, corporate or individual, to damage or remove useful things which are abundant, like plants which are medicine or clean water, so scarcity LATER is created, to have a market-value. You can’t sell me clean water or air if I can get it already. NOW I can’t get clean water free, here. That’s a serious? problem

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