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Investment Strategies of the Rich Have Been Revealed

Mike Dillard, founder of Elevation Group, premiered his new investment program via Internet December 13. The purpose of the Elevation Group is to teach its members how to become rich and take advantage of the upcoming economic collapse. During the 90 minute Elevation Group presentation, Dillard made a comparison between the Roman Empire and the United States, stating that we must ‘learn from history.’ Using Michael Maloney’s seven stage progression of currency, Dillard discussed similarities between the U.S. and Rome for each stage. He forecasted that the United States would follow the demise of its economy, just like the Roman Empire. Maloney’s first stage is when the country is founded or funded with gold. Both the United States and Rome had a strong gold foundation in the beginning. The second stage begins as the country develops multi layers of public programs for its citizens. The third stage is when the nation begins to establish political influence in the world, and as a result, a military is established and bankrolled by the national administration. Dillard describes the fourth stage, as the time the nation begins to use its military, and the cost amplifies. The fifth stage is the waging of war. Due to the great cost involved, the national currency is created in unlimited and unsecured amounts. The sixth stage is where the expansion of the currency causes severe inflation. Society loses faith in the currency. Dillard describes the final stage of Maloney’s progression of currency as when the nation abandons the currency, and returns to a system of bartering or using precious metals, (such as gold) again. Dillard claims, the United States is now positioned between the sixth and seventh stages. He predicts that in the next 6 to 36 months, the country will move into the final stage. The Elevation Group has been developed by Mike Dillard to help individuals prepare for the collapse of the United States economy, and to position themselves to use this event as a wealth building opportunity. More Information on how to become rich and take advantage of the upcoming economic collapse is available in this 90 minutes presentation . Mike Dillard’s new program ‘The Elevation Group‘ is already receiving an incredible amount of hype but is it really worth the cost or is this just another slick marketing tactic praying upon harsh economic times? Read my review before you decide to buy it! If the current economic hardships haven’t directly affected you, then I guarantee you know someone it has. The way people think and act in regards to finances has changed greatly in just the last few years as we have...

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The Greatest Financial Gift You Can Give to Your Children

I wrote this essay for your children and grandchildren. You’ve probably heard about America’s huge debt load. The U.S. government’s financial obligations now exceed $663,000 per American family. This burden will fall on the youngest Americans. It’s unethical. It’s unfortunate. But it’s the reality. With this giant financial obligation bearing down on them, it’s critical that now – right now – your children and grandchildren learn about money and finance. They need to know the basic principles… like how to be independent, why debt is dangerous, and how to grow money. They don’t teach finance in schools. If you don’t teach them this knowledge, no one will. They call this financial illiteracy. If our children are financially illiterate, they have as much chance of survival as a swordsman in a gunfight. There will be no mercy for the financially illiterate in the future. It’s likely these people will live as indentured servants to the government and its creditors. But if our kids have a grasp of finance and its basics – and they obey its laws – they will grow up rich. They will be in a position to help other Americans, too. Below, you’ll find the three vital financial concepts all children need to understand. Please pass them on to your children and grandchildren as soon as you can. I have two young children… And these three concepts are my starting point for their financial education. First of all, our kids must know that they are not entitled to money or wealth… or anything for that matter, even Christmas presents. They must earn money. I want my children to learn that they shouldn’t expect anything to be handed to them. I don’t want them to rely on the government for their livelihood, like many people do right now. So many people treat money and prosperity as an entitlement. The government even calls its welfare programs “entitlements.” This word – and what it represents – gets stamped into young people’s brains. Kids act as if they are somehow entitled to toys, video games, and cars. But why should they be? Just because they have parents, it doesn’t mean they should get everything they want… or anything at all, for that matter. I plan to regularly remind my children of this when they are old enough to understand it. And I’m not going to pay my kids an allowance. An allowance would reinforce the sense of entitlement. They can make money by earning it: doing the dishes, making their beds, mowing the lawn… there are a million things. My wife and I will pay them for doing those things. But...

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younique Gold Tribe – younique Business Opportunity with Gold & Silver

younique Gold & Silver – A Business Opportunity for building gold and silver reserves and earn a monthly residual income, month after month. Learn more at younique Gold Tribe – gold and silver business...

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Bad News For The Fed and IRS – Conspiracy of the Rich

Bad News For The Fed and IRS This month, Utah became the first state in the country to legalize gold and silver coins as currency. So what does this mean to you, me, the Fed, IRS, and the world? To understand the significance of Utah’s actions, you need to understand the definition of the word “currency.” As strange as it may seem, governments determine what they think money is. For most of us, money or currency is the paper in our wallets. It only has value because governments have the power to declare paper to be money. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt made owning gold illegal. The president declared that money now was paper. The key to this scheme working, is the government only accepts its own “paper” as money. You cannot pay your taxes with gold or silver…only official government paper. To make sure we only used “paper” the government imposed a very high capital gains tax of 28% on gold and silver. That means, if you bought gold or silver for let’s say $10 and it increased in value by $10, the government would tax you $2.80 for your gains, even if you held the gold or silver for several years. A 28% tax is nearly 100% higher than long-term capital gains tax of 15% in the US. For example, if I bought a stock for $10, held it for a year, and sold it for $20, my tax would be $1.50 on my gains. One reason why I like real estate, better than paper assets or gold and silver, is I can be taxed 0% on my gains. In fact, if I use the tax laws correctly, I receive money back from the government. In other words, rather than be taxed for $10 gains, I often receive additional money, a payment from the government rewarding me for making money. For example, not only do I receive my $10 gain, I receive an additional $2 from the government for doing what the government wants me to do. Please read my latest book Unfair Advantage – The Power of Financial Education to better understand how entrepreneurs and real estate investors use the tax law to receive payments from the government. In this book, my tax accountant and Rich Dad Advisor, Tom Wheelwright does a better job of explaining this tax strategy. He explains that real estate is one of the few investments where not only can you legally escape tax on your gains and your cash flow (rents), you can actually receive tax deductions against your other taxable income. So if you have $10 of cash flow from...

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Why Gold & Silver? FULL MOVIE – Mike Maloney Tells All

This is the full version of the movie, which features extra parts not yet seen on YouTube: Currency creation, the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, how central banks steal our wealth, runaway deficits, the second wave of mortgage resets, Mike’s prediction of short term deflation THEN hyperinflation, New Media, Ron Paul, and the Constitution. It was fascinating to watch the film again and see how things have moved on since it was filmed in June of 2009. Gold was $950. Silver was $15. The Gold/Silver ratio was 65. You could pick up a monster box of eagles for a cool $8000. Though the prices and ratios have moved on, the film is entirely relevant and still one of the best ways for a newcomer to get up to speed with gold and silver. It is jam packed with information and calm analysis by the top experts in their field, who have been right since the start of the last decade. If you have a friend or family member who wants to know about metals but you can’t find the time to help them understand, or if there is someone you want to help but they just won’t listen, or even if you just want to say ‘Haha! Told you so!’….do them a favour and send them the link to this movie. Embed it on Facebook. Tweet it. The lot… At least they won’t be able to say ‘Why didn’t you warn me?’ as they ask you for a loan! “You know, we’re in this period where governments are abusing their currencies worldwide, and gold and silver are going to account for all of this. And like I say, there are these brief moments throughout history where the investment with the single greatest potential gains in purchasing power, is also the safest place that you can put your wealth, for the past 5000 years! And I’m not going to let that pass me up, let me tell you!” Thank you Mike Maloney, neither are we. Contents of the film: -Currency Vs Money -United States M3 expansion -Fiat Currency and how it is created -The Federal Reserve is neither federal nor has reserves -Fractional reserve banking -How central banks steal wealth from the people -The second wave of mortgage resets -Out of control deficits -Gold always accounts for an expanding fiat currency supply -Gold and silver above ground supplies -Differences between the 70s bull market and now -Silver as an industrial metal -Gold/Silver ratio and the Price Discovery Mechanism -Growing awareness and New Media -Ron Paul and the Constitution -Price suppression via metals leasing -GATA -Fraudulent gold accounting by the US...

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Money Is Repelled By A Poor Self-Image

When you hold a poor image about you and money, it’s almost impossible to attract enough of it into your life. And even if you have used your talent and enormous energy to earn some big money, a poor image will do everything it can to sabotage your wealth (there are a number of well known athletes and celebrities who are proving this principle right now). Here are some beliefs that are common to those with a poor money image: “I can’t ever seem to get ahead.” “It takes money to make money.” “Most people who have lots of money got lucky.” “I’m not worthy enough to be wealthy.” “I don’t have what it takes to make a lot of money.” “I’ve never been good at managing money.” “To earn more money, you have to sacrifice everything.” And there are many more. I had most of those beliefs myself thirteen or fourteen years ago when I didn’t have any money. So I know they’re very real beliefs for a lot of people. When it comes to money, most people believe it will take a struggle to ever have any. The truth is, as Bob Proctor teaches, “you were born rich.” You literally possess, right this moment, everything you need to be wealthy beyond your imagination. You’re just not conscious (aware) of it right now. I’ve had the great honor to speak on the same stage with Bob a number of times. It’s always very exciting to watch the looks on the faces of the audience as they listen to Bob. People have told me they’ve never heard anyone explain money and wealth the way Bob does. On one occasion I remember an audience member that Bob interrupted as he was describing himself as “hard working.” Bob asked him why he wanted to be “hard working,” because creating wealth has nothing at all to do with working hard. The audience member grew speechless as it dawned on him what Bob was talking about. His response was just as memorable as the gentleman who participated in the first-ever You Were Born Rich Tele-Seminar we did with Bob. He said, ‘For all my life, and I’m pushing 70, I’ve had a poor image as far as money is concerned. I grew up in a very tight home and your seminar has led me to think I can earn five thousand a week. And already things are coming to me just like you said. They’re coming to my mind, how I can begin doing that…” And he wasn’t alone....

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Time Education!

Financial education is important for various reasons. For example, financial education helps me to identify risks so that I can avoid financial traps such as the use of future money from credit cards on luxury items. By using my future money, essentially I will be depriving myself of the chance to invest in assets that will generate passive income. Passive income is the key to creating wealth, as I have understood from the book Rich Dad Poor by Robert Kiyosaki. Also, I will need to pay large amount of compounding interest for my outstanding credit cards bills. I have heard a lot about financial education but I rarely heard anything on time education. Yes, I have heard about time management but there is a difference between time management and time education. Time management is invented for busy people to manage their time. It is not meant for people who have a lot of spare time. For people who have a lot of spare time, time management does not make sense at all! What do I mean by time education? Time education educates one on how to make full use of one’s time. It should include investment, risk management and time management just like financial education. The purpose of time education is so that one makes the best use of one’s time to realize one’s potential. Time is a limited resource that is always draining away whether I make full use of it or not. In that sense, it is even more precious than money. Time and money is the only two available things that I can invest to create wealth based on what I had learned from the Rich Dad’s series by Robert Kiyosaki. Yet, there is no full syllabus on time education. Sometime, I wish that there were such a thing as a compulsory time education where I am taught on all aspects about time. What are the aspects about time that I will like to learn from time education? Firstly, I like to learn that I can earn passive time similar to the way that I can earn passive income. Using an asset that can speed up or automate a manual process, I am able to gain passive time. For example, I can leave my washing machine running while I do other things. I can reduce my washing time using the washing machine as compared to manual washing of my clothes. Secondly, I like to learn that there is a compounding interest for time too! For example, if I am interested to learn violin. I will invest my time to learn and practice violin consistently. After the...

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GOLD & SILVER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX – Mike Maloney & David Morgan In Las Vegas

This video features David Morgan’s thoughts on how physical gold and silver are the only asset class that exist outside the matrix of our financial system. Share & Leave your comments below! Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial...

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Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki – Biggest Cash Heist

Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki talks about how financial ignorance takes money away from you, while the rich get...

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Rich Dad’s – Teach to Be Rich: Awaken Your Financial Genius

Product DescriptionRich Dad’s Teach To Be Rich is about Robert Kiyosaki’s decision to give up his manufacturing business and become a teacher…a teacher outside the walls of traditional education. More than a book on teaching, this book is about Robert’s quest to find out how we learn and why so many people do not like school, even though they want to learn. Not only is this book a radical departure from traditional thinking on education, it is a radical departure from traditional id… More >> Rich Dad’s – Teach to Be Rich: Awaken Your Financial...

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