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Interview Richard Laermer 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade

Interview with 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade author Richard Laermer.   Richard Laermer the author of Trendspotting and Punk Marketing joined me for an interview on My Success Gateway.  What do you get a when you put a PR guy together with a consultant and small business owner? A lot of talking and a lot of fun. Richard and I cover a lot of ground in this call but the main thrust of it is his 2008 release of 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade. Richard owns a PR Agency in New York City. He knows how to use words. He uses words to craft his messages and sometimes his messages are subtle and sometimes they are in your face. We cover what is right with the media and what is wrong with the media and how people use the media and how the media uses people. The conversation helps people to use trends to their advantage and how to find these trends. Richard talks about being real in the decade where mediocrity has been the norm since the Clinton Administration. Laermer being the cynical guy he is talks about responsibility and doing more and completing everything from thoughts to projects. He has a positive outlook and is willing to assist others into the future.  This is an enjoyable chat. Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Excerpted from:Interview Richard Laermer 2011 Trendspotting for the Next...

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Financial Freedom is Achieved Through Passive Income

I am still reading Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Woman and in the true Kiyosaki style she offers some incredible common sense “objection handling” to the common issues thrown up when it comes to why so few women have succeeded in obtaining financial independence either within a relationship or on their own. 1. I don’t have the time. 2. I am not smart enough. 3. I haven’t got the money. Now as a mother myself, I can fully relate to the time factor involved with bringing up children, however I take on board Kim Kiyosaki’s viewpoint that if my life depended upon finding the time, I’d have found it somehow. I concur with the viewpoint that men are not born smarter than women when it comes to finances, in fact biologically women are better equipped for investing than men. ( Kim goes on to show this .) I began studying investing over 12 years ago, when on regular trips to the USA & Canada I was amazed at the extent of personal finance books, business and self help books available everywhere compared to the extremely limited selection in the UK. ( So I bought several on every trip & changed my course.) I have been guilty of waiting to hit the big deal, then start investing, and with money to invest too much too soon without first practising, I have set myself a small challenge this week of finding an asset ( something that pays me a positive cashflow ) this week for around £100. I am a massive believer in learn by doing, I have come through all the money management levels required in order to be free to invest in passive income so I will research what is available and do my due diligence. If you ever come across the chance to play the Cashflow 101 game by Robert Kiyosaki then jump at the chance, you play the part of a Rat, trying to get out of the Rat Race. You collect your “Monthly Cashflow” payment and decide which small deals provide you with a positive Cashflow, when to convert those samll deals to capital gains to clear liabilities and when to purchase a big deal. The object of the game ( and is highlighted throughout Kim Kiyosaki’s book ) is Financial Freedom is achieved when your Passive Income pays for your Total Expenses. Source: Read more here: Financial Freedom is Achieved Through Passive...

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David Bach – Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich Trying

From The Oprah & Friends Radio Show with Jean Chatzky, 22 April 2008 Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich Trying by David Bach and Hillary Rosner Let David Bach show you a whole new way to prosper—by going green. Internationally renowned financial expert and bestselling author David Bach has always urged readers to put their financial lives in line with their values. But what if your values are a cleaner and greener earth? Most people think that “going green” is an expensive choice they can’t afford. Bach is here to say that you can have both: a life in line with your green values and a million dollars in the bank. Go Green, Live Rich outlines fifty ways to make your life, your home, your shopping, and your finances greener—and get rich trying. From driving the right car to making your home energy smart, Bach offers ways to improve the environment while you spend less, save more, earn more, and pay fewer taxes. Best of all, he shows you exactly how to take advantage of the “green wave” in personal finance without the difficult work of evaluating individual stocks. What’s more, he will get you thinking about a green business of your own so you can help the world along as it is changing for the better. David Bach is on a mission to teach the world that you can live a great life by living a green life. With Go Green, Live Rich, you can live in line with your eco-values on the road to financial freedom. Customer Rating: Read Reviews Tags: David, Bach, and, Hillary, Rosner, , Go, Green,, Live, Rich:, 50, Simple, Ways, to, Save, the, Earth, and, Get, Rich, Trying, Social Bookmarking Excerpted from:David Bach – Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich...

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Money Lessons From Rich Dad

1. Build Your Mental Wealth Muscles This is my absolute favorite lesson from the book. The author would constantly hear his poor dad saying, “I can’t afford that.” However, his rich dad said that instead of saying you can’t afford something, ask yourself… “How can I afford this?” The first statement requires no thinking. You want something. You don’t have enough money. Therefore, you can’t afford it. The second statement is so much better. You want something. You don’t have enough money. So, let’s find some way that I can create enough money to be able to afford it. The difference between these two statements is incredible! “Forcing yourself to think of how to make extra money is like going to the gym and working with weights. The more you work your mental muscles, the stronger they get.”                 – Robert Kiyosaki, author “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” So, let’s say you wanted to buy a new big screen TV, but you don’t have enough money. What can you do to be able to afford it? Let’s come up with a plan… I don’t know you, but I bet one thing you could do is find some unneeded junk around the house and sell it on eBay. With that alone, I bet you would have enough for your big screen. Or, at least half of it anyways! Another thing you could do is start a savings plan for it. I bet you could easily save five dollars here or five dollars there. Cut back a little on your usual spending habits. Then, use those savings to help pay for the big screen. The point is, next time you want something you can’t afford, use your mental wealth muscles to find ways that will make you be able to afford it. The more you use these muscles, the better they get. And the more money you will find yourself accumulating. 2. Increase Your Financial Intelligence It’s a fact, schools don’t teach students nearly enough about money as they should. You learn history and you learn how to find what x is equal to, but you never learn what financial options that you have. I’ve learned that increasing your financial intelligence is a self-study. High school or college is never going to teach you as much as you should know. You’re going to have to pick up the books and learn it yourself. So… What areas of financial intelligence do you need to learn? Rich dad suggests four main categories. Those are… Accounting – You’ve got to be able to read financial statements. Investing – You have to learn to grow your assets...

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Gerri Willis – Home Rich: Increasing the Value of the Biggest Investment of Your Life

From The Oprah & Friends Radio Show with Jean Chatzky, 11 April 2008 Home Rich: Increasing the Value of the Biggest Investment of Your Life by Gerri Willis Your home is the single most valuable thing you can own, yet making it pay can intimidate and confuse even the savviest investor. Now, in an indispensable new book, finance expert Gerri Willis leads you step-by-step through the entire experience of buying, maintaining, and selling a home, and shows you how to come out ahead–maybe even way ahead. Americans used to raise their families in one place, knowing that their homes would someday make them wealthy. These days, on average, people spend just nine years in a house; it’s become a medium-term investment in a volatile real estate market. Home Rich is the first book that offers simple rules specifically designed for this brave new world of home buying and selling. Here are the ways to maximize your profit, from the time you get the keys to the time you hand them over. • before you buy: Learn about the best and safest loans available, how to finance and refinance them, and how to pick the right real estate agent (watch out for the “dual agency,” when one agent represents both buyer and seller). • buy right: Understand what size home you need and can afford (it’s the features and the fit, not the square footage), and check out location, location, location (a school system is a tip-off to a growing neighborhood). • keep up your investment: Make a checklist by season to determine maintenance expenses and find out how to protect against monster storms, mold, and vermin. • upgrade in ways that count: Be practical (an updated kitchen beats a Jacuzzi), discover the new green improvements, and plant the best trees and shrubs for your zone (landscaping can add 6 to 7 percent to the value of a home). • sell right: Inspect and repair, clear and clean, then set the correct price, advertise, and field the offers. Home Rich addresses the needs of homeowners in all regions and at all income levels, featuring helpful case histories, practical charts, and clear instructions. Gerri Willis has written a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide for creating a special personal space that you will love living in–and that others will also value and happily pay for when the time comes for you to sell. Customer Rating: Read Reviews Tags: Gerri, Willis, Home, Rich:, Increasing, the, Value, of, the, Biggest, Investment, of, Your, Life, real, estate, nate, berkus, peter, walsh, clutter, organize, organizing, stuff, marianne, williamson, maya, angelou, spouse, issues, unemployment, instability, divorce, jean, chatzky, finances,...

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2008 Predictions – Part 4 of 4

This is my favorite predictions clip. I have known Mike Maloney for a few years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of economics, gold, silver and currency....

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2008 Predictions – Part 3 of 4

Here are predictions for 2008 from Kelly Ritchie, Robert Kiyosaki’s advisor on franchising and systems. Here is the original: 2008 Predictions – Part 3 of...

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2008 Predictions – Part 1 of 4

In this clip, Ken McElroy, Robert Kiyosaki’s advisor on real estate, gives his predictions for 2008. It is interesting to hear comments on the economy from the perspective of a professional real estate investor. You will NOT hear this stuff on CNBC, CNN or Fox! More here: 2008 Predictions – Part 1 of...

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Jim Cramer: Cash is king

Tonight, on “Mad Money”, Jim Cramer said “cash is king”. I know it’s not the first time he’s made this pronouncement and he was talking about stock portfolios. He says that if you have only 5% cash in your portfolio, you are maxed out. He recommended keeping at 10% cash portfolio with a strategy of taking some gains off of the table (he calls it “schnitzel”), even if that means you raise your cash position to 40%. He talked about making this mistake himself in the past. I think this applies to real estate also. I know I’ve made this mistake before and I’ll bet most real estate investors have too. Read the original: Jim Cramer: Cash is...

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