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Live Online Virtual 3-D Virtual Reality & Social Media Conference April 21st, 2009

Please join us as Jim Peake and Ron Goedendorp hold a Live Virtual Conference on Social Media Effectiveness Insights for Businesses  “Tomorrow’s workforce and consumers seamlessly use social media, and your company will either be a part of that world, or not,” said Ron Goedendorp, President of Social Metric Marketing ”Your very survival depends on what you are doing in that world today.”  Executives and participants can get exposure to the exciting and opportunity filled world social media networks present to brands and companies, including strategies for successfully putting together a plan and participating in better methods for leveraging resources such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and more.   On April 21st we are sharing with the rest of the free world some of our findings/interviews re: social media insights for businesses in a Live Online Virtual 3-D Conference (if we can get enough people we will put it in a “virtual stadium.”)    Your registration(s) tweets are welcome of course. J   We have a Facebook group going on it as well.      @jimpeake  @gorongo Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Read more: Live Online Virtual 3-D Virtual Reality & Social Media Conference April 21st,...

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God & Money

Listen to this fabulous Interview with Robert Kiyosaki and his sister Emi on the “Beyond 50 Radio Show.” The topic was “God & Money.” Emi is a highly devout Buddhist nun, ordained by the Holiness the Dalai Lama. Their two worlds collided when cancer and heart disease threatened Emi’s health and a bad insurance plan gave way to a situation which a Buddhist monk suddenly had to think about economics. Brother and sister became reacquainted and discovered each other’s philosophy. View original here: God &...

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Massachusetts Prisoner Seeks Entrepreneurial Future Upon Release Needs Start Up Help

I ( received a call today from the U.S. Department of Commerce requesting that I mail “how to start a business” print material to a Massachusetts prisoner. He wants to start his own business when he gets out. I do not know what he is in for, and I did not ask. However,I would love to see a success story here. We have transcripts from The Ultimate BusinessToolbox that teaches people how to start a business the “right way,” which we are going to donate to their success. If you too would like to send this guy information here is his mail address. It would be fun to overwhelm him with some entrepreneurial love. Mike D. W91555 P.O. Box 100 South Walpole, MA 02071 Please e-mail me if you want to send via e-mail and I will send it to the Dept. of Commerce. jim(at) My phone is 781-631-9691 Birth Defect Xanax Genertic Ambien Order Generic Xanax Overnight Delivery Cheap Ambien Big Discounts Xanax Valium Comparison Xanax 1mg Giving Xanax To Dogs Taking Xanax While On Suboxone Long Term Effects Of Xanax Use Ambien 800 Xanax Long Term Medicines You Can Not Take Xanax Order Ambien From Canada Buy Valium Madre Natura What Foods Act Like Valium Xanax Detox Program Large Dose Tramadol Experience Medical Journal On Ambien Xanax Gg 249 Hydrochloride Tramadol The Best Quality Pills Tramadol Hci Effects Tramadol Online Tramadol Hcl Tramadol Cheap Valium In The Urine As As Good Valerian Valium Cheap Tramadol Sales Cod Xanax Tramadol 180 Cheap Ambien Snorting What Xanax Does When Taken Identifying Xanax Xanax Addiction Narcotics Anonymous Price Of Valium On The Street Abortion With Valium Order Ambien Online Ambien Cr Order Effects Long Side Term Xanax Buspar Similarty To Xanax Vicodin And Valium New Ambien Warnings Feline Veterinarian Tramadol Alcohol Equivalent To Valium Xanax In Us With Online Consultation Get Prescription Xanax Negative Effects Xanax On Body Can Tramadol Cause Bladder Problems Xanax And High Blood Pressure Tramadol Withdrawell Ambien Effects Concerta With Xanax Side Effects Generic Of Valium Information About Tramadol Ambien And No Prescription Dealing Xanax Florida Sentencing Generic Ambien Overnight Xanax Ketoconozole Valium Online Prescription Tramadol Worse Rebates For Ambien Tramadol 180 Pills Tramadol Hydrochloride Tramadol Xanax With Suboxene Xanax Overnight Cash On Delivery Sea Xanax Withdrawl Symotom Symptom Of Withdrawal From Xanax Purchasing Xanax In Beijing Money Order Xanax Ambien And Lawsuit Xanax Street Names 377 Tramadol Xanax Hair Xanax For Tobacco Cessation Xanax Detox Methods Ingrediants For Tramadol Companies Drug Test For Valium Buy Valium Phillipines Tramadol And Menstrual Cycles Xanax Without A Prescription Xanax And Klonepin Ambien Brazil Pharmacy Valium Alprazolam Xanax Versus...

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How To Make Money From Passions

How To Make Money From Passions republished from Maverick Money Makers To make money online many people jump right in before they are properly prepared. You know that to be a rocket scientist, a doctor, a brick layer, a construction worker, an office worker, a teacher there are prerequisites, things you must learn, before you can be successful, you don’t just jump right in unprepared. The same applies to the Internet marketing industry even though there are unsavory people out there who’d have you believe it’s a “Walk in the Park” and requires no more than the belief that you can just do it. And I’ll have to admit, it is a walk in the park compared to what you have to put up with in the working world punching a clock being a subordinate to someone who does not have your interests in mind, but there are still rules you have to follow and pitfalls you must avoid to actually make Internet marketing work for you. Most people will not make a dime online and yet there are others who will make more in one month than most people make in a whole year. Why is that? My answer begins with the age-old chicken or egg question, “what comes first the chicken or the egg”? Personally I vote for, well never mind, each argument you or I make comes back to the same old conclusion – I have no clue and I don’t think many of us do either. But one thing I do have a clue about and know for sure is that to make money online you must first have Passion for the company products and/or service of any Internet business from which you expect to make money. Passion in this sense simply means that you’ve researched and like the company and products or services. It is then that you translate that like (or Passion) into the education, excitement and work that usually accompany Passion. I will have to say that many online entrepreneurs are so good at what they do that they ignore passion because they can sell anything. But I’m concerned about those of you who are not so knowledgeable at working an online business successfully. Now, I’m not trying to make anyone believe that Passion is the only thing necessary. Because to be successful you must also have a good website, good marketing, widespread advertising, company support, effective keywords, and etc. Those things are often learned from the company you join – but sidestep Passion and you reduce your chances for success dramatically. It therefore follows that, if you have no Passion for...

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Obama’s Impact on Small Business

If you aren’t 100% sure how the new Obama Administration will effect US Small businesses, an article in Businessweek will shed a little light on his policies for helping get America back on track.  During the end of the campaign Obama put out a “small business emergency rescue plan.” What the survey concluded is that regardless of the tax rate, small business owners draw a considerable amount of income from their businesses, and if a higher tax is placed on that income, they will have to make tough decisions about where to cut business investments. Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It More here: Obama’s Impact on Small...

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Amazing and GREAT Success Story!

This is a riveting interview. I met Mark Anthony Garrett through Youtube. I went to his site to check him out and I saw that he was raised in foster care. This immediately peeked my interest and I had to get to know this guy and his story, because I knew he had a just a few more challenges than the rest of us. I also knew without meeting him he had a great attitude, life has thrown a lot of obstacles at Mark Anthony and he will discuss how he grows through those obstacles vs. goes through the obstacles. In this interview with Mark Anthony Garrett he talks about life and his life. He is authentic, vulnerable, well spoken, clear with his message and someone who is making a difference on a daily basis to hundreds if not thousands of lives. He has a story and now the experience we can all learn from. Let’s touch on some of the highlights: His mom was a prostitute, he came into foster care as an infant. He was adopted at seven years old then he was sexually abused. He was in and out of gangs and he was in drugs. He contemplated suicide. He talks about how he made the choice not to commit suicide with the gun at his head and the help of a friend. All the while he had mentors who got through to him. Now Mark Anthony is giving back that mentorship wisdom to others, especially kids in foster care. Mark Anthony Garrett walks the walk and talks the talk.  I look forward to learning more of the valuable lessons he has to teach.   He is living proof that no obstacle can’t be overcome. This interview will move you, it did me. Thanks for making a difference Mark Anthony, keep up the good work! Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Go here to see the original: Amazing and GREAT Success...

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Start up funding | How to attract investors

Jim Butz has recently provided more information on how entrepreneurs can approach investors, angels and VC’s alike.  Check out his new web site.  Start up coast. Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It More: Start up funding | How to attract...

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What Robert Kiyosaki had to say on Fox News

Recently, Robert Kiyosaki appeared on Fox News to promote his newest book, Increase Your Financial IQ. On Your World with Neil Cavuto, Robert talked about how his earlier predictions have come true and discussed the current real estate market, including explaining how he chooses where to invest.  His real estate investments follow the job market;  in other words, he buys properties where the job market is strong because workers need places to live.  He said: “We don’t have a real estate crisis, we’re having a financing crisis.” At the end of the interview, Neil Cavuto said: “Robert Kiyosaki – he has been right every step of the way.” When Robert appeared on Fox Business Network’s Happy Hour, he repeated that this is a great time to look for investment bargains. But, he cautioned, you need to be smart about it. “Financial intelligence is your greatest asset,” he said.  “Invest in your intelligence first before you go buy a stock or bond or gold or silver.” He was critical of financial “gurus” who tell people to cut up their credit cards. He pointed out that you need credit cards to function in today’s economy to rent a car, check into a hotel, purchase merchandise online, and so on. The key is to use credit cards responsibly. When people get into financial problems because of credit cards, the fault is not the credit cards, but the person using them. Read more here: What Robert Kiyosaki had to say on Fox...

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Interview Richard Laermer 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade

Interview with 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade author Richard Laermer.   Richard Laermer the author of Trendspotting and Punk Marketing joined me for an interview on My Success Gateway.  What do you get a when you put a PR guy together with a consultant and small business owner? A lot of talking and a lot of fun. Richard and I cover a lot of ground in this call but the main thrust of it is his 2008 release of 2011 Trendspotting for the Next Decade. Richard owns a PR Agency in New York City. He knows how to use words. He uses words to craft his messages and sometimes his messages are subtle and sometimes they are in your face. We cover what is right with the media and what is wrong with the media and how people use the media and how the media uses people. The conversation helps people to use trends to their advantage and how to find these trends. Richard talks about being real in the decade where mediocrity has been the norm since the Clinton Administration. Laermer being the cynical guy he is talks about responsibility and doing more and completing everything from thoughts to projects. He has a positive outlook and is willing to assist others into the future.  This is an enjoyable chat. Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Excerpted from:Interview Richard Laermer 2011 Trendspotting for the Next...

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Choosing a Mentor

~ Jerome Ratliff~ Having a mentor a part of your business or you, can accelerate your profession into overdrive. When working with a mentor, you create a professional relationship which allows you to become a better professional. But finding your mentor, regardless who it is, is not an easy task. Where should you start looking for your mentor? Put together a plan of how you intend to find your ideal mentor. Decide at that moment that you will not quit before you find him/her. What’s your objective? What do you need a mentor for? Why do you need a mentor now? These are questions you must ask yourself prior to meeting with a mentor. In addition, make sure to have your string of interview questions ready for the mentor. This will be how you determine who is right for you. Start by asking around. See what other successful professionals are doing and ask questions. What do you got to lose? Be up front in the interview by letting them know what you would like to accomplish by having a mentor. This will help determine if the mentor is right for you. If you’re impressed with them, ask for a referral to speak with the mentor. Look for organizations that offer mentoring programs. It may cost you, but at the same time it will be well worth your money. That’s assuming that you chose the right mentor too. Two years ago when I began with Robert Kiyosaki’s mentoring program, I failed to ask a lot of the upfront questions that I’ve outline here before you. Luckily for me, since Robert Kiyosaki’s program is so structured, it didn’t matter. However, it could have helped me by showing that I was proactive. You may come up with your own questions, just be sure that you are thorough and show that you are determined to succeed. A good mentor will hold you accountable for what you need to be doing as a professional. This is important because you are the one in charge, not the mentor. The mentor is there to help you kick it into gear. Being a part of Robert Kiyosaki’s mentoring program has changed my life immensely, that I decided to mentor others. So, if you’re serious about choosing a mentor, then start today and start now. You won’t regret it. View original post here: Choosing a...

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