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Stock Market Tutorial: The Bare Basics

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If you’re new to investing, this stock market tutorial will give you a general overview of stocks and demystify the whole process.

There is a common misconception that only the wealthy can invest in the stock market. This is simply not true.

It is essential to have a general understanding of stocks before you begin investing. Since you have chosen to read a stock market tutorial, you’re clearly taking the initiative needed to join in on this wonderful opportunity to earn additional income.

This stock market tutorial will discuss just the basics on stocks. Upon finishing, move on to the next level of advancement. Before long you’ll be a stock market tutorial graduate! Perhaps you’ll be the next Donald Trump someday! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves!

Where Do People Learn About the Stock Market?

stock marketMany jobs will offer stock options to their employees through the company. A simple investment such as this can result in some wonderful long term returns.

Another place people get started with stocks is from a family member such as a parent who takes the time to teach them. Some couples handle their stocks together, and some parents talk to their teenage children about stocks.

Other sources for information on the stock market include: a stock market tutorial such as this one, books, business magazines, and more.

What Are Stocks?

Stocks are portions of ownership (also called “shares”) in a company. Growing companies sell these shares to help fund further development.

Why Should You Invest?

The question of whether to invest is yours to decide. Let’s assume since you’re reading a stock market tutorial you’re already convinced. You may still want a few reasons to invest, though. Here are some benefits to investing in the stock market:

Stocks grow over time. When the stock grows you can sell it at a higher price and thereby turn a profit. However, in selling it, you relinquish the opportunity to generate future income from that stock to the new investor.

The main reason to invest in stocks is that you can make more money more quickly, if you invest in the right stocks, than you can through other methods of investing.

Types of Stocks

Stock types are broken down by the risk involved. There are low risk stocks, moderate risk, and high risk. These terms seem fairly self-explanatory even in a basic stock market tutorial.

Low risk stocks are best when you start out. As you might guess, you can invest in low risk stocks without negatively impacting your finances in a major way. The lowest types of risk are found in older, historically successful companies. Newer companies whose future is uncertain are considered high risk.

How Do You Choose What Particular Stocks To Invest In?

There are many factors that can affect the desirability of a stock. One is called price to earnings ratio. Is the company making money? Have their profits increased over the past year? Are they in debt over thirty percent? There are many others.

This is where having a stock broker comes in handy. A stock broker can help you keep track of your facts about various companies and make recommendations on which ones may be wise investments.

The necessity of your involvement in the research of companies before investing should never be underestimated. You don’t want to just trust your broker with your money. You want to work as a team.

If you intend to get serious about investing in stocks, you’ll need to continuously monitor the market on a daily basis online, on television, and in print.

Hopefully this very basic stock market tutorial has taken the mystery out of investing in the stock market. This is only the beginning of what could be a very prosperous future for you and your family! Just be careful and be diligent with your investments!

About the Author: Steven Miller is passionate in learning financial freedom & wealth creation with 21st Century Academy’s self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre who has learned from the likes of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many more.

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Stock Market Tutorial: The Bare Basics

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  1. Nice Explanation! There is nothing wrong to compare and one more thing investing is the main thing in stock market and we have to set long term goal. And one more important thing should have realistic expectations.

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