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Silver is going up :-)

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I feel good…
Because I listened 2008 Predictions video – Part 4 of 4 in the beginning of this year at

Also I read often Mike Maloney’s web page

I also have bought some silver and one ounce of gold in 2006…
But the Best thing what I did was buying more silver @ 14th of January 2008…
Do you remember the story Why I sold my rent condo?

What it has to do with this story?
On 14th of January I put all this money into silver… and silver has gone up from that day approximately 18%.

Unfortunately in European Union its not good idea to buy silver as metal because of VAT which would be added and because of poor opportunities to sell it later… so I had to buy it as index stock (SLV is the symbol). But SLV follows the price of real silver quite good 🙂

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Background story about buying Silver

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