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Robert Kiyosaki the FED has intoxicated the dollar

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Robert Kiyosaki appearing on; FOX News, CNN, KTLA, TODAY, The Early Show, and many others. He talks about debt, financial education, predictions, and also talks with Donald Trump. In the other hand we have bankers, consultants, farmers, stay-at-home moms, professors, people with no professional background at all…and everyone in between. Most of these people have one thing in common They’ve been forced to trade their time for money, to sacrifice quality moments with their loved ones just to make some extra money.
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  1. Man, a ritch and happy guy.?

  2. hes speaking real shit?

  3. wish he? was my dad ill change shit just buy talking about everthing i swear ever thing thats fucking rong

  4. Exactly, happy to see some people who understand these basic economic principles. Too many keynesians think? they know the answers.

  5. Gold and Silver cannot be a bubble. I laugh at all the morons who think that there? can be such a thing as a “gold / silver bubble”, it is impossible! There is a finite amount of these resources and they must be mined from the ground. Their value increases when more inflation is put out in the system with paper currencies… Please tell me, how on earth are precious metals going to “pop”? Look at how high Silver and Gold has gone now!!!

  6. Bullshit we’d have a better society? you’re ignorant

  7. if you want silver contact me on [email protected]
    we do shipping anywhere? at very low rates.

  8. contact me at [email protected] if you want silver within? the U.S. and i can ship anywhere in the world at low rates.

  9. RK makes sense to those who can understand what he is saying. I personally am glad I listened to his message last year about the economy and alternatives to the fiat paper. It’s not too late to prepare yourself with precious metals. They are slightly pulled back at the moment? via manipulation, but will skyrocket even more as the Fed Reserve keeps printing and wreaking the dollar.

  10. this smug bastard. u can see the ignorance of the rich. i dont need to work and save. i dont have working mentality. but? of course the words he is giving us is GOLD! or in other words silver!!

  11. Robert is a? self made man

  12. but the system doesnt allow me to afford silver, what? does a helpless person do?

  13. It’s too late to buy silver and gold. It’s just like all the suckers who wanted to “invest” in real estate in 2006 because the market was high. Gold/silver is the next great bouble waiting to implode.? Buy food, cigarettes and ammo.

  14. @Vambo1958

    You did not? get what I’ve wrote did’nt you?

  15. If you are a broke d!ck and plain on being a broke d!ck then save your fiat and spend it as needed. When it is worthless you will understand what people like Robert are talking about! Dummies say, ” but Gold and Silver are high and why would I buy when they are high and don’t produce a return”? Those buying Gold and Silver now will experience a tremendous return when your fiat crashes and burns as the fires have already? been lit! When the dummies rush in the smart get out!! Simple!

  16. HaHaha!!!?

  17. this now get silver while its? artificially low now or wait in breadlines later

  18. No, ty Robert? Kiyosaki!

  19. the dollar will die at the end of 2012, guys get ready bout 2 years left, the euro will? fall before that and japan and uK are screwed. gold and silver for savings

  20. ? Thanks for your coments

  21. the dollars power is slowly? eroding. the chinese & russians who are big exporters have decided to trade in their own currencies bypassing the $. when the demand for $ go down so will the living standards of USA.

  22. i love how you dismiss dangers concerning the dollar. reserves around the world are starting to drop the dollar. all the hoarders of the dollars, if they start spending, can rapidly inflate the dollar in short terms. high inflation can come very abruptly without warning.

    precious mentals arent at all ime highs in real dollars. this interview is old. he said gold was at 1100. its at 1400 now. doubt? gold can go down 300…major players like china are keeping the price from bottoming.

  23. I love how they always tell you what to buy when it’s at all time highs. Silver is at 30, it could very easily drop to 20 in a few days. Gold could go 300 in either direction. Buy assets when they are cheap, not when they are at all time highs. The dollar will be just fine? for several years to come.

  24. This is inconsistent. Buying gold and silver does not give you a it does with immos or stocks. In his book he writes that you’ll need assets which give you a return. The question is what gives you a return today that is over the inflationrate. Almost nothing. You still have to save for vacation if you buy gold and silver.
    The only thing you can do now is waiting for the big bang and buy cheap return giving assets with your gold and silver. If you’ve not used it for? survival.

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