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Robert Kiyosaki Silver is the best play right now

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Robert Kiyosaki talks about Gold & Silver as the best play right now

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Time Education!


Robert Kiyosaki: Why The Rich Are Getting Richer Preview


  1. Trump rubbed off on him big time. Whack ass arrogant attitude.

  2. buy guns and ammo u can take others food

  3. me to! my shitloads doubled in value! I feel great.

  4. I have shitloads of silver.

  5. So… He tells idiots to get into massive debt in order to buy property, but then warns ten seconds later that a house is not an investment. This guys is a fraud, look it up. His investment advice is a few repackaged truisms that would destroy anyone who really tried to follow his system. He even says in this that he learned everything from a three day course… I though he learned from Rich Dad? Who is Rich Dad? We don’t know, cause Kiyosaki won’t tell us. He made him up.

  6. Silver is the best play eh? If I were the workin’ man, I’d buy a lot of beans & a lot of ramen. Think about it. If the shit is hitting the fan as these men claim, these will be far more valuable than silver or gold. You can’t eat silver or gold.

  7. @UncommonThinker I know it is stupid to save fiat. But it is unsettling to hear someone calling taxpayers stupid when it is that money that bailed out the institutions he is borrowing from to “produce”. Is it stupid to not be part of a corrupt system? Guess so. This guy has not changed his mantra since his first book. Outdated info. IMAO.

  8. @taranoreable People who save dollars are losers. Dollars are the worst investment class of the last hundred years. Dollars are trash and only good for short term transactions.

  9. @CASTILLOM1 Agree…he is just not as smart as he thinks he is.

  10. @matrixview I agree…he is starting to sound more arrogant and condescending all the time…savers are losers. etc. He says he sells education…then brags about being an F student.

  11. @2zr1 he does go into debt tho, millions… he just uses it to produce, not consume.

  12. paper stocks are over rated 100oz to 1 oz get out of paper or get out ,max is right

  13. why pay ? my mortgage is cheaper than rent ? get a mortgage within your means …if you loose your job …i told my agent to find a home with this much of a payment a month ….problem is people take on too much debt

  14. Live debt free do not borrow currency.Robert is a sales man and plays the system.

  15. This is extreeemely valuable…listen, listen. listen!!!

  16. Kiyosaki loves talking about all things/assets he “owns”, bragging about paying no taxes and being in debt…. and calling savers losers… Yet he “feels sorry” for them, while he’s getting rich in the bad/corrupt system and “teaching” them to do the same. Knowing full well most will not succeed, he will take their money.

    He may be right on how to play the system, but I have no sympathy for the guy whatsoever. Listen to him on Alex Jones show… He’s being a total douche…

  17. This Kiyosaki is a salesman, plain and simple. I wonder how much knowledge the man has on economics/finance. Silver the “best” bet?? You’re only ten years late on that recommendation!! The man doesnt even mention the massive manipulation undertaken by JPMorgan Chase and their large Short position on the metal.

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