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Robert & Kim Kiyosaki – Infinite Return in Real Estate (NEW)

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In this video, the new version of Infinite Return , we will take a look on how Robert & Kim Kiyosaki using debts from bank to buy real estate and refinance keep loaning from the bank to roll out the cashflow for them every year without pulling out from your pocket money. The wisdom of using debts to create wealth are all in this video. Feel free to share this financial education to the worldwide and let everyone be educated.

Scott Stewart , Trainer for Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad stock success System

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki introducing Scott Stewart

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National Achievers Congress Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki in Deutschland September 2012


  1. Thank? you Scott for our new found knowledge. We are very excited about our new journey and your insight really helped us see that this is something we can do too.

  2. Thank you, Scott for? being an inspirational instructor.

  3. Scott, thank you! You are really inspirating! I know it’s going to be? a long road, but I am looking forward to it! Again, thank you!!!!

  4. Thank you, Scott, for an education filled three-days in Atlanta. Scot and I learned a lot from you, but I know I have a long journey ahead of me yet. Having you there to encourage us along the way will be invaluable and we greatly appreciate your time, expertise and support. Thank you for? sharing your insight with us, Scott. We look forward to staying in touch with you during our journey. – Danielle

  5. I wanted to learn about options and just finished the 3 day intro class yesterday in Atlanta. Scott, is the best teacher of trading I’ve seen or heard? period! He’s transparent and genuinely passionate about folks getting it by using analogies and verbiage that’s well thought out to convey what is usually foreign & overwhelming! When viewing charts I’ve always referred to support & resistance lines as a floor & ceiling line so folks get it without having to think. Scott champions this: BRAVO!

  6. Life changing. Scott’s ability to deliver the training offered by the Rich Dad program is truly outstanding. I now have a program and process to follow that will lead to financial independence. Investing in a seminar is one thing, investing in? a financial education that will deliver an outstanding return on your investment is quite another. Thanks for instilling in me the confidence to invest in this financial education Scott!

  7. I just? completed the 3 day training with Scott and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. His commitment and honesty to his students is remarkable. I look forward to the future.

  8. Scott rocks! I enjoyed his 3 day presentation, even though my brain hurts? right now…

  9. Thanks Scott for taking the time to help us start on the? road to success!

  10. Just did the 3-day stock training? with Scott. He’s a wonderful, inspirational teacher, and I encourage anyone interested in trading to take this class with an open mind and an open heart.

  11. Thank you? so much Scott!!!! for opening my eyes to the potential of the market and how it can change my life. you have put even more fuel to my dream!! hope to see you soon again!!!

  12. Thank you Scott for showing me the frist steps my wife and? I need to take control of our lives and get out of the Rat Race. I look forward to seeing you again in the future in a better position than where I am now, again thank you for opening my eyes.

  13. Thank you Scott for the seminar. It was truly an eye opener and getting me to think like the 3%.? It was very exciting to see you write the actual trades and to study the market possibilities. You were very good at motivating us to move into a new level and putting ourselves in ACTION.

  14. Thank you for the encouragment to change our lives!!! I have a lot to learn, but the rewards of taking this step are great! Thank you? for the great class!

  15. Thanks to you Scott for opening my eyes to the possibilities in the market, and the freedom from someone’s path to wealth so I can make my own!? Keep up the good work encouraging people to change thier lives!

  16. Just finished a three day class with Scott today.? He did a great job explaining involved trading methods. It was a big boost.

  17. Scott, you definitely kept your words and the class did change my life! It was as if you filled me in on the biggest secret on Earth and that was extremely motivational! I don’t think I’ve felt such a determination as I have now to learn everything I can. ? Thank you!

  18. WOW…Words can never explain how amazing this class was. Scott, you were such an extremely, knowledgable person that I cannot thank you enough on how? much you have changed my life in only 3 days. I look forward to see what the future holds. See you at the top.

  19. Just want to thank you Scott for being an eye opener to me. I took the seminar in PR and honestly I really wasn’t too much into the market until now. I know this? will work and I will make it work for me. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and open up for us the doors to success!!

  20. Scott- Thanks for giving me the push I needed and the path to follow. I look forward to the future? of happy investing.

  21. Scott – thank you for an amazing 3 days. I just took your seminar in Puerto Rico and I have to tell you that I haven’t been this excited about ANYTHING in a very, very long time.? I look forward to continuing my financial education and look forward to sending you my success story.

  22. Scott. Thanks for opening my eyes. What a training you gave… I will start doing my trades to gain control of my life and have financial independence. Best of all, you and the Rich? Dad program will guide me through. Thanks…
    Rafi Garcia – Puerto Rico

  23. Scott, Thanks for? your time this week in Puerto Rico to show us the path to success and Financial Freedom. Thanks to you I realized that I still have the opportunity to get out of the rat race , and transform my life to a path of abundance and full realization.

    – Pablo

  24. Scott….. it YOU that inspired me to become a trader. While I sought my trading education elsewhere, it was you who inspired me to get to where I am? today.

    —-Denver, CO

  25. Hey? Scott, Just finished our first tigrent course, thanks for your “jump start” to getting out of the rat race! We even started our own focus group! Little did you know us hawaiians were networking!

    David Ryusaki
    Honolulu, HI

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