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Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

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51S7ipa43VL._SL500_In Robert Kiyosaki’s third book, which was also published in the year 2000, as well as his third best seller, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is a book that gives guidance and advice to potential investors.

In Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, Robert Kiyosaki gets more specific, and gives details concerning investing and how to be a smart and successful investor. Robert Kiyosaki introduces the idea of being an ultimate investor by using other people’s money, like the banks or other investors, with the goal of being a selling investor.

By creating businesses which are attractive and desired on the market, anybody with a proper plan and a smart idea can cash in on it since the public is craving it. In this way, people will want a piece of your business and pay a premium for it.

As well, it teaches you how to reduce your investment risk and use your earned income to invest and create passive cash. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is another great example of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad philosophies, and his unique, easy to read style of writing financial advisory books for the everyday person.

Get your copy here – Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

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