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Real Estate Investment for Retirement

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Many Americans aren’t going to end up with money to retire on. These days, it’s a sad fact. Instead of complaining about that reality (and the injustice of it all) the best action someone who wants to retire can do is simply make sure they aren’t the average American. They need to take steps to make sure they will have the income to enjoy their retirement and be able to pay their bills, including their ever-increasing medical-bills.

The most effective way to avoid being one of these Americans who wind up working at some remedial job through their retirement, based on the opinion of Robert Kiyosoki, author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book series, is to invest in real estate.

Buying investment property is an excellent way for people to prepare for our retirement because it supplies a great benefit called “passive income”. After someone has done the preliminary work, passive income keeps coming in without a lot of effort. A typical worker gets paid only for the time he puts in.

real estateA real estate investor, after developing her system, makes money for keeping it running. And keeping it running, if she been very clever about it, will involve paying his employees to do the job of checking up on them every now and then.

A best thing about passive income (such as from investment properties) is, the more time the investor keeps them, the more ROI they should make for him/her, with less and less effort on the investor’s part. It’s the nearest thing to magic we will ever find in the world of finances.

It sounds attractive, but one should never simply take the plunge without looking first. Although it is all very learnable, there’s quite a bit to learn when you are thinking about real estate investing – things like comprehending economics and the laws related to real estate.

The most important concept to understand, however, is one’s own personal limitations. The person who knows where to locate the information she wants is much better off than the person who remembers tons of facts and formulas around in his/her memory.

In the book “Cash Flow Quadrant,” Robert Kiyosaki teaches newbie investors to raise their income as well as their knowledge. Mr. Kiyosaki writes of creating a business system that will set up and left alone, freeing up the owner to move on to the next deal instead of spending all his/her time babysitting his/her business. The next step is to continue that real estate education and start to look around for specialists to employ and property to acquire.

Robert Kiyosaki also refers to this change as moving from one part of the cash-flow-quadrant to the next. He emphasizes that, the 1st step someone needs to take toward transforming his or her life is changing the thinking process. If a person changes the way he thinks about money, then he will wind up in a much better position to change his relationship with it.

The way people think determines the actions they take throughout the day, and those actions determine the level of their success. The main value of studying books like Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series – brings you closer to a new paradigm about things. When investors see how easily it is to establish new skills and acquire better knowledge, they are virtually impossible to stop.

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Real Estate Investment for Retirement

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