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Quickplan D.I.Y

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Quickplan D.I.Y, a free on-line business plan course, is launched. It brings the tools, support and knowledge needed to design and launch new businesses. When used by existing firms, it will provide new insights.

“Everybody needs a new set of skills,” says Peter Mehit, co-founder. “The changes to our economy will be structural. It’s critical that people learn how to evaluate a business idea and then launch and run it, because the world is going to look very different a few years from now.” The company believes that acquiring these business skills is a prerequisite for prosperity in the new reality.

The course contains eight instructional videos, a MS Word business plan template and a MS Excel financial model template, available at the company’s web site. The program is also offered on DVD at a nominal charge for those living in low bandwidth areas, having limited computer access or who just want to have the program in video format.

The program, which has been taught to hundreds of students, business owners and entreprenuers, takes users through how to figure out if a business idea will be profitable, the reasons for a business plan, building pro forma cash flow models, doing market research and pulling the written narrative together. The company also offers support for the D.I.Y. course as well as guided development courses.

“Whether the program is used to write a complete business plan or not, the fundamentals discussed are important for anyone that needs to create their livelihood,” says Mehit. “I heard someone say ‘this is bad as it’s going to be’. The fact is, nobody knows what’s next. You have to become your own rainmaker”

For more information about Quickplan D.I.Y., visit

Quickplan D.I.Y

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