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Mike Maloney on Credit-Based Money, Feudalism, and Financial Enslavement

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As the US heads into the presidential primary in south carolina, the most recent republican debate featured Newt Gingrich defending his moral values — his marriage – , Mitt Romney defending his tax returns, and Rick Santorum defending his sweater vests, is there anyone is is actually making real sense in terms of dollars and cents? Is the lack of concentration and debate on the money issue, and the issue of the federal reserve system, of central banking and of fiat money helping to turn cash into trash? We’ll talk to Mike Maloney, founder of about the path the US is now on, and whether or not that path is sustainable. We will also discuss the latest republican internecine conflict over capitalism and whether the debate is giving capitalism a bad name. After all, the leading contender is a millionaire with a 15 percent tax rate. Is this the kind of capitalism that is causing people to equate capitalism with inequality? What about the people fighting for real capitalism, the kind the really rewards hard work and punishes failure? The kind that doesn’t subsidize the rich and big business? We will ask Mike Maloney, author of Robery Kiyosaki Rich Dad’s Advisors, a guide to investing in gold and silver, about this as well, and we will also speak with him about the precious metals space and how to protect yourself from currency debasement. And also, we talk about megaupload.

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  1. Why is? the best news station in American Russia Today? It’s sad that they’re the only ones giving Paul fair coverage.

  2. This? Is The Truth

  3. Money is a good in itself, consequently simply supply and demand analysis will show you that the more you increase the quantity of a given good, the lower its price. By increasing the quantity of money, central banks lower the price of money, consequently, since money is also a good that is used for the exchange of other goods, you will need more money to purchase these goods over time. But money is? not distributed equally, some people get it first and rob those who come after!

  4. @CapitalAccount thank you for this informative video! I have a? question about QE. How does it cause price inflation? In other words, how does that money get into the system?

  5. 15:11? I wonder why…haha

  6. Absolutely true, I tell my family over and over again. They do not care,? so now I will take action and I wish they would too.

  7. Yes, indeed, but any gold?? standard requires fractional reserve banking — gold certificates, receipts — government is going to get involved — monopoly, coercion — A well-rationed fiat currency could serve the people far better. The fact that they do it poorly doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done right. Check history, you’d realize that gold has never served the “people” as ‘their money’ — gold? has always been the metal for the Kings in need of more slaves and soldiers.

  8. – This is not answering my first question. Let’s get that one answered before we move on, OK? You implied that *gold* was the problem.

    I suggested it was not gold which was the problem, but instead was the criminal activity by those entrusted with guarding the gold, and with the fiduciary responsibility of? truthfully issuing receipts for it.

    So…yes, or no, on this point?

  9. there is a distinct possibility that the US Treasury has little or no gold left. bars that look like gold are? in Fort Knox, but the world do not know if they are gold covered tungsten bars or who they belong too. there could be hundreds of billions of dollars of bogus gold bars buried beyond bank walls in the planet. the only sovereign currency, constitutional money, is: real public infrastructures, good services and fortunate people.

  10. – I’m a little confused by your comment. Yeah, at one time “the goldsmiths…were responsible for storing gold and issuing receipts”, which system became one model for paper currency.

    *BUT*…that? whole thing didn’t go out of whack until goldsmiths began to secretly issue fraudulent receipts for gold that wasn’t there, and to spend those counterfeit receipts into the economy for personal gain.

    Exactly what the gangster Fed owners are doing now, yes?

  11. Yeah! and I want a golden tie ust? like his…

  12. Jewish bankers are dumping their? debts from their balance sheet on? Greece.?

  13. Jewish bankers are dumping their?? debts from their balance sheet on? Greece.

  14. RON PAUL? 2012!!!

  15. Lauren Lauren..aahh. Mike is 100percent correct. On another note why the shit does RT have? those criminal-illuminati-hybrid-satanworshippers-childrappin-pedophiles-reptilian fucks on their commercial yeah u know birginzki and kissinger id challenge you toe to toe you cowards!!

  16. Jews control Europe? : evidence

    1. US Congress pass sanction on Iran. Promoted by pro – Israel groups in US.

    2. Europe follow suit even though it destroys member countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal & Ireland which are already in economic hardships. Now as oil imports from Iran? are banned, price of goods & services will go up. More hardships for the European people.

    3. Jews control European politicians.

  17. Venezuela have completed in bringing? back all their? gold from Europe.

    Congrats & defeat Jewish bankers.

  18. Death to the? Jewish? bankers !

  19. oh, thank you for you compassion for? the ignorant and oppressed — the truth is that it was the goldsmiths who were responsible for storing gold and issuing receipts. we know how the system works. we shouldn’t be depend on some crazy international commodity, which is gold and silver, to allow us to do what we wanna do with our ‘local’ economic system, we don’t have to depend on manners, or opening new mines or whatever

  20. It doesn’t have to expand. Population growth causes an increase in labor which puts downward pressure on wages. This happens in any monetary system. This isn’t a problem though because increases in efficiency? and productivity put downward pressure on prices in general. Prices fall faster than wages, so there is no loss in real wages for anyone. Increasing the money supply can prevent a nominal loss in wages, but not a real loss since that increase will also increase other prices.

  21. tnx for the reply. I’m actually talking about quantity of? the money supply to accomodate the expansion of an economy due to population growth. If you have a HARD lid on money, how does it expand naturally with the increase of production?

  22. The purchasing power of a stable money supply simply increases as economic expansion occurs. This is what happened for the 100 years? before the Federal Reserve existed. There was steady and gradual deflation which resulted in higher purchasing power of the monetary unit, and this happened under a gold standard. There was also HUGE economic growth during that period. So the argument that it’s required to expand the money supply is false.

  23. “They” can’t stop it from happening. The market will force gold to whatever the market price will be.? Manipulation can only happen to a degree. It can’t happen perpetually. And gold would have dramatically increased purchasing power compared to today if it increased that much while other prices remained relatively stable, which they would.

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