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Mike Maloney – How Will Global Financial Crisis End

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Michael Maloney explains in this informative interview how the debt based currency system we follow requires the issuance of more and more fiat currency (aka. paper money) to keep the whole thing going. The present policy of active currency debasement adopted by the central banks of the US, UK and EU through QE, Money Printing, Bond Issuance, etc etc will ultimately lead to a massive flow of funds into sound asset classes as people attempt to retain their wealth. So how does it all end..?

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  1. Excellent explanation …Be advised if You Dont have Gold/Silver and Copper Coins You will be? in Poverty…or You can store Food insted…Paper and Electrons will be worthless in short time…

  2. I think $30 is more likely and? yes it will happen. Why, because there really is not a shortage, never was, gas should be under a $1 now but they don’t allow it.

  3. 10$ barrel no one will sell just to stay in the business. A dramatically devalued dollar that effectively prices the U.S.? out of the global oil markets could do this, and this is consistent with Maloney’s other statements.?

  4. No, dollars can go up and down… inflation will make? the dollar worth less and less DEflation will have? the opposite effect

  5. I love mike? but i think hes wrong? on oil. I tottally agree with you on this

  6. Global demand for all things plummets. Bottom line prices of anything can drop to whatever levelthey? need to to.What we? think doesn’t matter.

  7. This? video is very useful.

  8. I can see it dropping pretty low based on the example used in the silver manipulation. my silver dealer and many others are having a hard time getting silver but not gold. yet silver is 1/39th the price. if it drops to 10 it definately is? not a natural force of the market.

  9. I think there might be a small temporary dip like another 2008 maybe but the further they push the issue of hyperinflation away the worse? it gets. if another 2008 happens it would be a great boon for people who invest in precious metals and oil. As for the food price however… :S the trick to alot of this is not thinking of wealth in terms of cash. it’s disney land money only useful for acquiring things. true wealth comes from what is rare, and useful

  10. Mike is right on many things but not on the price of oil !! 10$ us dollars is wont even buy you a bag of? chips, never mind a barrel of oil !!

  11. Global demand for oil would have to? drop dramatically and rapidly for oil to reach $10. Americans are not going to just decide to stop driving any time soon, especially if the price for fuel drops. A dramatically devalued dollar that effectively prices the U.S. out of the global oil markets could do this, and this is consistent with Maloney’s other statements. This would drop the price for oil in REAL TERMS, but not in dollar terms. Maloney said $10 oil, but he could have meant in 2010 dollars.

  12. No, dollars can go up and down… inflation will make the dollar worth less and less DEflation will have? the opposite effect

  13. USD will only go down in value and buy less and less.?

  14. I’m no economist.. but DEFLATION means prices go down just as inflation pushes them? up… so serious deflation MUST bring the price of oil down… but $10 will have the same purchasing power in this case a barrel of oil hehhe… its the purchasing power that you have to keep your eye on not the amount of dollars…

  15. There is no demand for oil period.Everybody also said oil? from 147.00 down to the low 30s wasn’t possible either.Bottom line prices of anything can drop to whatever levelthey need to to.What we think doesn’t matter.Trade accordingly:)

  16. It’s russian bankers, so there is a good possibility that none of those people who was present there understands much about international? banking. The fact that mr Malooney was invited as an expert adds validity to this assumption.

  17. 10 dollars is a possibily if the US will suddenly go bankrupt which immenently will result in decrease in global production activities(since US consumption is responsible for around 20% of international GDP growth) and hectic behaviour on the financial markets, as a result sudden drop in oil price.Yet, the price will not remain so low for longer than a couple of weeks.No offense to anybody but it is very weird? to see someone taking head and shoulders approach as seriously as mr.Malooney does.

  18. Yeah that’s the old “decoupling” theory but I’m not convinced mainly because the infrastructure and culture of mass consumerism does not exist in China (for now and? despite all these shopping malls) and is a lot less developped in other countries, even those in Europe (minus the UK)
    As a result I can see global consumption decrease significantly if the US consumer slows down and some oversupply to develop in the oil market. But $10 is really a stretch even in the worst case scenario.

  19. @AustraliaDebt? Ditto here. I’ve never trusted Maloney. There’s just no way that bankers don’t understand the fiat/fractional reserve system. After all, it’s the butter on their bread.

  20. True! if I had a oil well I would not sell for $10.? But!! if mass global deflation takes place, everybody who works or does business in the oil business has to take a cut…oil could for a time see $10 dollars a barrel. If you look at the charts. Oil hit about $140 in late 08. Then it crashed to the $32 area for months. So at the current price…oil could do the same. Not that it would stay there. But it could happen. When oil was over $140 and dropped to $32…no one stop pumping.

  21. The transition from oil use will be? characteristic by very high price per barrel 200-300$ in today’s money.

  22. Our economy can not function a single day without oil. 10$ barrel no one will sell? just to stay in the business. Oil companies will stop delivery and the price will go up immediately to their acceptable level.

  23. I think his thought on $10 oil was based on a crash modal based on all markets linked to the American markets. American market meets its demise. Global markets follow. The global masses hunker down to survive. Demand for energy (oil) plummets. Global demand for all things plummets. If your neighbor is willing to sell his apples for 10 cents to just to stay in business ( no profit) and you are selling your apples for 75 cents. Who will still? be selling apples on your street in 6 months? Not you!

  24. thanks, I see what you / he means.
    What about China and India? I? don’t see how world wide production of goods is going to happen. Whatever products Americans don’t consume will be consumed by the Chinese (including OIL).

  25. I totally agree with you Alexis.
    I think Mike says 10 USD a barrel based on the head and shoulder pattern.
    The only way I can see it happening is the discovery? of a new way of producing energy cheaper than oil, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon, especially taking in consideration the new infrastructure that would probably be required.

  26. He means industrial production, not oil production. When industrial production collapses, there is suddenly less demand for the black stuff but oil fields don’t shut? down (at least not immediately) flooding the market with cheap oil.

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