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Keiser Report: Crime-Generated Cash (E427)

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In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss an entire population living beyond thanks to an economy benefiting from crime. They also talk about capital flight, banksters exempt from RICO and bitcoin destroying the state. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to the original silver guru, David Morgan of about the latest in silver, Crash JPM and silver standards in Utah.

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Jim Rogers “Why Is George Soros Selling Gold and Silver?”


Max Keiser reports on CFTC, LBMA incompetence, JP Morgan Gold, Silver Manipulation


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  2. If you go back 100 episodes or so, you can see where Max starts to talk more about Bitcoin and watch his interest grow gradually up to today. He also mentions at the beginning of the 400 series about how good it feels to be a bitcoin millionaire

  3. he bigs up bit coin all the time i wonder why? is it because hes got millions invested in bitcoin i think that may be it.

  4. “taking the piss” isn’t taking the fun out of something, usually it’s making fun

  5. They are incapable as long as they want to have others do their thinking for them. Intelligence has been highly underrated!!!

  6. Great video.

  7. Google Litecoin.

  8. class warfare,,,,, tories are turning public and priv sec work against each other,,,,,,,same as rep in usa

  9. Keiser.. that this that that.. everything is a baloon. And we love to throw one balloon to the other.. I go for.. a lovely 99luft Balons.
    Question.. who is the monkey… One can’t do with the other. So we’ll have a baloon.

  10. ding dong the witch is dead.

  11. I’m just stunned. After all thats gone on, over the past several years, most people still don’t know? We are an extreme minority.

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  13. Max …..lololmao…….it is time for the same old answer that has worked for hundreds of years ( ever since the first war was privately financed ) . Yes, its time for another WAR .
    The necessary enemies have been carefully cultivated for the last 40 years , and frankly , this ” War on Terror ” scenario is just too weak to do the trick. We need a good old Us versus Them type war, with insane baddies. I believe he is fueling missiles as I type…..

  14. thats like what is going on with bit coin now. some out side market is buying up & selling off bit coins to crash its value.

  15. Why can’t Goldman Sachs just start selling Bitcoin ETFs? They could completely manipulate the Bitcoin market, just like they do gold and silver with those ETFs.

  16. Why…just why…do you think that Central Banks are not involved in Bitcoin?

    What money do you think is behind the current run up in Bitcoin?

    Do you think that Central Banks are fearful of losing money?

    So they run it up, suck in a lot of investors, and then they collapse it. The people will be turned off to it and never invest in it again.

    They do not care about their losses as the taxpayer will cover their losses.

    Max Keiser…You have not a clue as to how deep this runs.

  17. Stacy looks like a biker. Jamie Dimon wants to ride her pilion hehehe **==

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  19. Maybe he just genuinely wants to help??

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  21. maybe we should bring back off with their hands for theivory. if caught a second time cut out tongue.

  22. Joe Biden has just officially announced New World Order

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  25. Bitcoin is doomed to fail from one simple reason. Hackers are always better then security.

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