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Interview Dr. Ivan Misner Business Networking International (BNI)

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In this interview with Dr. Ivan Misner worlds #1 networker.  Have you ever heard of BNI?  (Business Networking International).  BNI is the Facebook and MySpace of Business networking, as a matter of fact they have over 5,000 business networking meetings per week

I knew that once I landed the interview with the world’s #1 networker Dr. Ivan Misner I felt that he might be able to share some real tidbits for success and he does not disappoint. He is a passionate man about networking and about helping people. We covered a lot of ground in this interview including Dr. Misners’ new book The 29% Solution which can also be found at He will teach you a 52 week networking strategy in the book.

What I really enjoyed about meeting Ivan is his authenticity and his willingness to share and not hold anything back. He felt like a long lost friend sharing intimate details and keys to success including his meetings with Sir. Richard Branson and he shares the tips that Branson taught him. He goes into detail on how Branson treats everyone with respect no matter their background or income. Misner also talks about his experience in visiting Branson’s Space Port in the Mohave.

Most full time college professors who teach business have never been in business, unlike professors of medicine who are actual doctors who teach medicine, same is true for law professors who are real lawyers, but not so for business professors. This information is coming from a “professor,” Dr. Misner. The point here is that networking is not taught in schools but it is taught by Misner and BNI.

“Success is the uncommon application and commitment of common knowledge,” says Misner. We all know what it takes to be successful, passion, vision, hard work, luck etc, but we have to apply the uncommon application in order to be a success.

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The rest is here:
Interview Dr. Ivan Misner Business Networking International (BNI)

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