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How to Find the Best Mentor for Your Needs

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When someone is just setting out on a business venture, it is imperative that they find a mentor. A mentor can escalate your business, boost your self-development and improve your business know-how. To be truly effective you should look for mentors with various types of expertise so that you can learn from all of them and use the knowledge to make yourself a better person and run a more successful business.

mentorBefore embarking on your quest to find a mentor you first need to examine your life and business. Figure out in which areas you need help. Once you know the focus areas, you can begin your search for a mentor.

Look for experts in the field of expertise you want to develop. After all, as entrepreneurs and business owners, you will want to achieve some level of success or acquire and learn certain skills that you may lack in. A truly successful person always has a mentor who has helped him or her shape their path and pave the way for a better future.

There are many places to find a great mentor such as networks meetings, industry events and conferences, through the recommendation of a trusted colleague and even through online groups you belong to.

Once you have identified the mentor, take some time to watch them in action. If you feel this person is someone you can really learn from contact them to set up a time to talk.  Make sure you inform the person why you want to talk with them.

You should be very clear why you want that person to mentor you, for how long, and what you hope to gain during the mentorship. If the person agrees, you now have a mentor.

Having a mentor will increase the speed at which you can learn new skills. It is essential that you respect your mentor enough to implement their ideas as appropriate. There will be times you will need to get out of your comfort zone based on a mentor’s recommendations. And yet, isn’t growth the reason you wanted a mentor in the first place?

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How to Find the Best Mentor for Your Needs

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