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Gold, Currency, War, James Rickards and Max Keiser.

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Jim Rogers & Max Keiser explain Gold Supression


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Keiser Report: Debt Tsunami & The Great Gold Eastward Migration (E471)


  1. Keiser looked scared…


  3. no prob with that, we need a change in perception from the masses, which is slowly coming ..on the other hand currency is more well suited for usage as exchange medium and manipulation of course . at the end i think u will have both..

  4. Currency Wars was a fun read. Loved it!

  5. Not a word about missing German gold.
    Europe has 10 thousand tons of gold, really?

  6. It’s happend before.

  7. “I’m starting to ask myself, are people smart enough to lose confidence?”
    When the Dollar won’t buy much food anymore, people will begin to figure it out.

  8. I’m starting to ask myself, are people smart enough to lose confidence?

  9. Instead of a price for gold why not just use gold itself directly by weight?

    The gold gram will be the new global reserve currency of international trade.

  10. He’s kinda right. I just happen to think governments tend to lie about their gold reserves and print more money even when we are on gold-backed currency. An easier and better solution to me would be to eliminate capital gains and vat taxes or any other barriers preventing any private commodity based currencies from taking hold. Eventually, governments will take steps to ensure their citizens that their own currency is fully backed. They compete or become irrelevant.

  11. So you just disregard everything that was said. Like nothing happenned.

  12. Forget the gold standard. Allow competing currencies.

  13. Of course it is , so is every other investment commodity. The big boys manipulate the markets when they see the money moving they manipulate ahead of it and reap the profits. The days of fair trade, market response to real demand, illegal price setting, honest government and industry, are gone and there is no turning back. If you are not one of the choosen players your investment money is blowing in the wind and if profit comes your way it is as much a matter of luck as any wise knowlege.

  14. You cant see in the dark or you’re one of them.

  15. “If you’re customers look out the window and see pollution they’re going to blame you and they won’t buy your products.” Yeah this would be true if blame could be appropriated to individual companies but it cannot and this is where capitalism breaks down.

  16. nonsense

  17. You make no sense. Rogers used to work with Soros, not anymore. If anything you should trust him more now. He’s a honest man.

  18. Soros, Rogers, two peas in a pod.  Used to trust Rogers. Comon you tools, you can say it…. Gold is MANIPULATED… Idiots.

  19. lol

  20. Great interview, IMO. Both the Jim and Max.

  21. That’s why govts are the problem Max. Govt protects big corporations and then subsidize their pollution and make the people pay for it. If the govt did not meddle then corporations would have to develop clean products in order to survive.

  22. This Max Keiser guy is a bozo.

  23. How does it feel to live your life as a broken record? lol We get it. You don’t like silver.

  24. My 2013 targets: watch?v=7gk9ihwoid0

  25. Probably 2008 lows – $8, super strong support.


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