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Getting into the top of the financial ladder is just inconceivable to most people. While most people feel that working hard will get them to places where they are truly satisfied, all of them will probably think that just it is not enough. Then, we have a significant few who take finances in a different light and continue to work smart. Knowing that money can work for them represents a changing shift and lifestyle that all should consider following.

robert kiyosakiThis is the story or Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Now a financial bestseller and motivational classic, Robert Kiyosaki communicates a crucial point in finding financial success, which is, make money work for you. Robert Kiyosaki’s motivational books sold over 26 million copies with a multitude of his motivational materials still in print. Even today, he is one of the most influential self-help speakers.

Robert Kiyosaki leads a mindset shift, manifested by a trend so successful today. In his discussion of haves and have-nots, Robert Kiyosaki describes two similar “Dads” with the same talent, skills, and education. However, one dad is rich, while the other dad is poor. He stresses that the line between a Rich Dad and a Poor Dad is drawn by critical differences in perspectives.

The poor father “works hard for money.” Meanwhile the rich father “makes money work for him.” This saying almost poses a cliché, yet Robert Kiyosaki helped us grasped this ideas in an organized manner where all success-driven people can identify with. The idea of the Rich Dad revolves around education, empowerment, and the basic knowledge of how money works. Robert Kiyosaki suggests different financial strategies and key information on investments, high finance, and accounting.

However, Robert Kiyosaki also knows that knowledge and a perception shift is not enough. The Rich Dad should apply their new mindset and turn into reality. This involves a lot of courage, self-belief, and following your gut. The combination of a successful mindset and the will to act led to the most critical philosophies of Robert Kiyosaki’s message.

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