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Financial Freedom Video – Rich Woman – Kim Kiyosaki describes the “I Must Quadrant”

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Financial Freedom for Women Video from Kim Kiyosaki Kim talks about the different people and personalities you need to be aware of in today’s world. This quadrant will help bring awareness, and possibly, provide a strategy when talking to the different people who fall within this quadrant.

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  1. another 50% pop in? spot gold & silver prices & the rest of my college debts become a relic. Go precious metal!!!!!!

  2. good luck with that?

  3. i love? your smile!

  4. Hi i’m Greg..i would like to meet a rich christian woman…Greg?

  5. funny comment, how much money? do you make?

  6. After I finished watching the video, I just smiled. It was me three years ago. I want to be rich, but yet I want to be comfortable, I want to be right, I follow the crowd, to get other people’s approval. However, when I started to think that I have to WIN, everything changed. I put a 100% commitment? to WIN. 100%, not 90% or even 99%.

  7. As T Harv Eker said, “You can be right, or? you can be rich”, “I play the money game to WIN”.

  8. She is right there are only four types? of people in the world:

    1) Those who buy Roberts brand of bullshit

    2) Those that buy Kims brand of bullshit

    3) those that buy both Roberts and Kims bullshit

    4) Those that see all this and think “man this is bullshit and a scam”

    I myself am in the fourth group!

  9. Wow!! How enlightening! I just? realized I must be comfortable. Ugh!!

  10. Robert? is a very lucky man

  11. maybe not the best description of people. Because basicly what she says is there are 4 types of people and only one of the type is the right type. You should be like the last type. You kind of dont kknow what youre talking? about Kim

  12. So? if “I must win”, then I will have to accept the fact that I might not be right, I might not be comfortable, and I might not be liked. But I must win. Got it. Thanks.

  13. let me re phrase that? “I WIN! “

  14. I? MUST WIN !

  15. I love robert kyosaki and kim
    but? tthat was a truly bullshit

  16. Thankyou?

  17. Thanks Kim…. This clip has opened my? eyes as to where i stand.

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