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Financial Freedom is Achieved Through Passive Income

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I am still reading Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Woman and in the true Kiyosaki style she offers some incredible common sense “objection handling” to the common issues thrown up when it comes to why so few women have succeeded in obtaining financial independence either within a relationship or on their own.

financial freedom1. I don’t have the time.

2. I am not smart enough.

3. I haven’t got the money.

Now as a mother myself, I can fully relate to the time factor involved with bringing up children, however I take on board Kim Kiyosaki’s viewpoint that if my life depended upon finding the time, I’d have found it somehow.

I concur with the viewpoint that men are not born smarter than women when it comes to finances, in fact biologically women are better equipped for investing than men. ( Kim goes on to show this .) I began studying investing over 12 years ago, when on regular trips to the USA & Canada I was amazed at the extent of personal finance books, business and self help books available everywhere compared to the extremely limited selection in the UK. ( So I bought several on every trip & changed my course.)

I have been guilty of waiting to hit the big deal, then start investing, and with money to invest too much too soon without first practising, I have set myself a small challenge this week of finding an asset ( something that pays me a positive cashflow ) this week for around £100. I am a massive believer in learn by doing, I have come through all the money management levels required in order to be free to invest in passive income so I will research what is available and do my due diligence.

If you ever come across the chance to play the Cashflow 101 game by Robert Kiyosaki then jump at the chance, you play the part of a Rat, trying to get out of the Rat Race. You collect your “Monthly Cashflow” payment and decide which small deals provide you with a positive Cashflow, when to convert those samll deals to capital gains to clear liabilities and when to purchase a big deal.

The object of the game ( and is highlighted throughout Kim Kiyosaki’s book ) is Financial Freedom is achieved when your Passive Income pays for your Total Expenses.


Read more here:
Financial Freedom is Achieved Through Passive Income

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