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David Morgan & Max Keiser talk SILVER & Crime-Generated Cash

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Keiser Report: Down is New Up, Up is New Down (E447)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine whether the markets are soaring or crashing but find it impossible to determine as…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. You cant keep something down that we are running out of. End of story

  2. Let’s play psycho bankster for a minute. Well I have access to hundreds of billions of cheap money that I can use for whatever I please with zero interest & zero liability (too big to fail). I start a run up on BitCoin (BC) during the next great SHTF moment, Cypress redux, I run it up paying up to $500 per coin and let the cattle or sheeple that only buys investments when they are afraid of missing the train jump in. THEN I SELL ALL MY BC AT $700, BC GOES BOOM. THAT’S WHY I’M RICHER THAN YOU.

  3. Bitcoin can go up because it can’t be naked shorted. Silver and Gold are stuck because JP Morgue can keep them down. End of story.

  4. Silver has moved. It was $48/oz and is now $27/oz. That’s enough of a move to make a return one way or another.

  5. Both of them look super rough. They are growing tired waiting for silver to make a move.

  6. We’re all empathizing with Cypriots for their “haircuts”. We AMERIOTS (American Idiots) are squealing for more QE to keep the fake stock market afloat (see CRAMER). It is this money printing that has devalued the dollar by over 95% since the birth of the FED in 1913 (talk about Rosemary’s baby). This QE that has doubled the price of bread, eggs and gas since OBAMA (papa idiot to the smurfs). That translates into a 20% haircut per year, the Cypriots should feel sorry for the AMERIOTS.

  7. Where do I get FOUR HORSEMEN video. Can not find it on Amazon.

  8. This isn’t a smackdown to those of us who have not had the time to accumulate, it is an unintended gift. Keep buying. The dam is leaking everywhere. The US Mint is increasing their premiums and delaying release of their ATB 5 oz. selections. Our independent prime objective is to accumulate at every chance possible. STOP BUYING THE CRAP YOU DON”T NEED WITH CREDIT, THIS ONLY SERVES TO VALIDATE CHOPPER BEN’S FIDDLING WHILE ROME BURNS. THERE IS A COLLAPSE OF CREDIT IN USA, QE WILL NEVER END.

  9. No more lesser of two evils scams.
    I will stick to silver and wait…

  10. The fiat greenbacks in your wallet represent the biggest scam of the century; yet few choose to believe it. It’s all arbitrary in just what represents a scam. Check back in 6 months or so and see if your views on BTC change. You’ll surely regret passing on that one, as you wait patiently for your silver to break free of the manipulated markets.

  11. No more lesser of two evil scams for me.
    I will stick with silver and wait.

  12. I gotta say. I really do like the Keiser report and David Morgan. But I’m staying the hell away from BitCoin until this whole thing blows over.

    I’m a tech savvy 30 something. Had a computer my entire life… sometimes they’re not reliable, that much is certain. BitCoin being digital, it has dependencies (software, electricity, network connection… ect…). Au and Ag depend on nothing whatsoever.

    I’m not looking to get rich from speculation. Just looking for salvation. #SLA

  13. Of course he’s going to ‘eventually’ dump his BTC’s for metals. Why not be smart yourself (like the rest of us) and do the same thing he is . If you can’t beat these zio-crooks …join them!

  14. More people are waking up. I saw a guy walk into a coin shop on Friday and trade 200,000 federal notes for gold and silver. I sure hope he was armed and had no car trouble on his way home.

  15. The loss is in paper value only. Stackers still have all of their silver, but now they also have a nice tax deduction. They can use their now larger tax refund to buy more silver.

  16. pfffffttttt…
    Air leaving hype bubble…
    Does that mean we should have 10% less of the “cyber Christ” 😉

  17. Even scarier than the fact that the public is so ignorant about precious metals is Mark Tice’s other video asking strangers to name a book they read recently or even an author… one could do it. He happened also to be interviewing people in one of the higher SES areas in the nation.

  18. “truth justice and the American way”….aahh almost forgot what that is, Thanx David!

  19. I’m not a believer of bitcoins despite its epic run of late. I don’t fault Max for profiting off of it. He is merely anti-status quo and will use all avenues available to him. Whether its fighting fiat money with sound money or fighting corruption with corruption, he’s just one side of the coin. His ultimate endgame is to see an end to the dollar hegemony, see corrupt banks taken down, and central banks too. For me, I’ll just reside in the silver camp.

  20. Your good! 

  21. It’s amazing because I used to think silver was a pump and dump scam but I no longer do now. In fact I’ve been at two recent auctions and several coin shows and have been hearing everyone talk about a thrust in gold and silver prices coming again. I don’t know all the details but I think any further dip in the prices will trigger some major middle class purchases. THE NEWS UNIT dot COM

  22. its true, general population have a deep brain wash… they still have animal crowd behavior. Now all in paper, next Cyprus – all ran into a silver! madness ;O

  23. THE USD FED SYSTEM WILL TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY COLLAPSE- this Must and will happen, in order to usher in the digital currency exchange. In which people will BEG to have it implemented. (before which they will be starving and homeless) this is the point at which they will literally sell their souls ( mark of the beast) takes holds and the anti Christ steps into center stage. It’s only 2-5 years out. Get right with GOD and money doesn’t matter.

  24. just ignore the bitcoin crap & see what else he says in light of the bitcoin angle to see if he’s trying to swindle you. Even if you don’t like him if you think he’s up to no good it’s good investor-awareness to listen to the details.

  25. doesn’t matter – it’s unenforceable. Get all that you can from under the table deals & barter and be ready to use it for barter when banking systems collapse completely.

  26. Yes I understand.
    People who are unwise will want to open their mouth rather than read….You are demonstrative of that.

    Enjoy your Socialism. It will be funny when you find that you are the one who has been enslaved into paying for it.

    I will not pay for it.


  27. I stopped reading after you mentioned “Obama care”. Idiot.

  28. I might be but I do not think so. With Obama Care many wealthy people are currently expatriating their wealth and preparing to expatriate themselves. The growth of Capital Flight will also grow exponentially as Economic conditions deteriorate.

    This just does not bode well.

    If you cannot get out then get Gold. Currently you can trade your Currency for Gold. But it won’t continue.

    Gold’s price in US Dollars will become moot, I believe, at about $3000. That’ll be the “price” but with no sellers.

  29. I can see that is a strong probability. Hope you are wrong but something is smelly, and we all can smell the phony hype coming out of Washington. It could come crashing down in a hurry. The ability for the corporations water carrier boys in Washington to pass more legislation to steal more from us may get past the point of no return. Those Washington puppets are capable of almost anything so I feel they would steal our corpses for a nickel.

  30. My bet is on a Soviet Union style breakup of the USA before that happens. We are too far gone.

    The Currency failure will destroy the US Government. The US Government will not be able to pay its Military. Like the former USSR our Navy will rust in port.

    That was the downfall of the Roman Empire. When they could not afford their Military they collapsed. I see no different for us.

    The Collapse is an exponential event. It’ll happen so rapidly that most will be taken by surprise. We are Screwed.

  31. No proponent of Nazi type confiscation. The corporate news will build consensus over time that holders of gold and silver are hoarders. With the news outlets owned by the interests that would benefit from confiscation I have no doubt strong confiscation laws will be passed anyone trading in gold and silver will be at risk of arrest and prosecution. Do you not realize the media is the message and the creator of reality. Wolff Blitzer of CNN types are the Popes of modern times their word is God.

  32. I have ALWAYS been able to trade my Gold for Currency. I have not ever had any problem doing that.

    But there will come a day in the future…the NEAR FUTURE…where I will NOT be able to trade my currency for Gold…at any price.

    Take heed as that day approaches. Buy Gold now while you still can.

  33. Currency is that which is common between the occupants of a Geographical Area. It is the most common instrument and universally understood.

    Without a viable currency there is no Government.

    The USA will not survive a hyperinflation.

    Just what Government will exist to enact such heavy confiscation laws?

    The last to attempt it under penalty of DEATH was Nazi Germany.

    Are you a proponent of that?

    Gold still traded and as for the Nazis??? They collapsed.

    No concerns here.

  34. @bullionbasis killed it in this episode. Stacy is beasting the leather jacket game too

  35. Like I said – do your homework: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=DrT_ULCIng8

  36. that will be the day.

  37. The Invisible Hand Is Jacking you Off!!!

  38. Rothschild Has His Thumb Up Your Ass! (English People) He’s Bending it Back and Forth, Starin’ You Straight in the Eyes! Wondering If Your Gonna Do Anything! No Lube! He’s Wondering If Your Gonna Do Anything! Lookin You In The Face, And your Lookin’ Away and Down, Ashamed, Trying To Ignore What’s Going On! When Will You Look Him In The Eyes (The Aggressor, Sodomizing You) Take Stronghold Grip of His Neck Squeeze Tightly Until You’ve Sent Him to The Next Plane!

  39. Everything is a bubble.
    Everything you do is a balloon. /watch?v=dQEmaj9C6ko
    Or.. 99 luftballons. /watch?v=9whehyybLqU
    Sharkshit is also scarce.

  40. Now you are talking about something entirely different! Your original comment talks of “infrastructure” genocide – I agree with that. “Infrastructure” refers to economy. Race mixing has been going on for hundreds of years, for various reasons.

  41. Governments will have to pass heavy confiscation laws making criminals out of any citizen holding gold and silver . This will give the bankers their new vehicles for recreating their wealth and exchange systems. If you have any doubt this will not happen you live in Disney land..

  42. I think this is indicative of 2 things… a. Global power shift b. The 1% is figuring out how to function, on paper, w/o the 99%

  43. its all part of a global power shift, and i think its all planned, i think china might become the new united states, and russia will become there best friend now, oh wait they already have…yea were screwed, but the ppl of the united states are generally to blind to see whats going on, i even thought at first maybe there ignoring it, or are just in denial, nope just plain stupid…

  44. 100% wrong! Only White countries are being Genocided! through Zionist encourged race mixing. Only the White race is dying. All the other races populations are exploding.

  45. There is no discrimination here: all countries are covered in this plan, not only “western” countries.

  46. @braddles86 “We pay because everyone realises the free market is the best way to distribute resources; via the price mechanism. There is no better way.”
    There is nothing “free” about this barbaric, rigged system. Your response is perfect for a 3d world. There is no need to be money and debt slaves in a higher dimensional existence. Humanity is headed in that direction once enough critical mass is reached.

  47. The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries, as they have secretly declared WAR upon us!
    They conspired to take control of our nation’s infrastructure thru carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners. Their goal is to obliterate the middle class!
    For a FREE informative colorfully illustrated 132 pg BOOK & 2 min. vid on the Zionist engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of Western civilization go to
    youtube. com/watch?v=n663eVTSyS8

  48. This won’t work. The imbalance that can build up in the year between each day of reckoning could be used to game the system. Such complex calculations would take more than a day, and you could not collect the data fast enough.

    But you don’t need all that, you need a free market. To protect the free market you need.

    1. Free market education
    2. Free market medical care
    3. Free market banking
    4. Free market press

    #4 is very important so that any attempt it game the system get reported.

  49. You should have had the tooth extracted. Search youtube for “vitamin C Dr Levy”

    When you have a root canal, you remove the blood and nerve supply from the tooth. So no immune system. Bacteria can grow freely in this space and pump toxins into your system 24/7. This soaks up critical antioxidants that are needed to prevent cell damage elsewhere. Result, cancer, heart disease and inflamation.

    The videos are quite technical, but refer to peer reviewed studies.

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