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Choosing a Mentor

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~ Jerome Ratliff~

Having a mentor a part of your business or you, can accelerate your profession into overdrive. When working with a mentor, you create a professional relationship which allows you to become a better professional. But finding your mentor, regardless who it is, is not an easy task.

Where should you start looking for your mentor?

Put together a plan of how you intend to find your ideal mentor. Decide at that moment that you will not quit before you find him/her.Mentor

What’s your objective? What do you need a mentor for? Why do you need a mentor now?
These are questions you must ask yourself prior to meeting with a mentor.

In addition, make sure to have your string of interview questions ready for the mentor. This will be how you determine who is right for you.

Start by asking around. See what other successful professionals are doing and ask questions.

What do you got to lose?

Be up front in the interview by letting them know what you would like to accomplish by having a mentor. This will help determine if the mentor is right for you. If you’re impressed with them, ask for a referral to speak with the mentor.

Look for organizations that offer mentoring programs. It may cost you, but at the same time it will be well worth your money. That’s assuming that you chose the right mentor too.

Two years ago when I began with Robert Kiyosaki’s mentoring program, I failed to ask a lot of the upfront questions that I’ve outline here before you. Luckily for me, since Robert Kiyosaki’s program is so structured, it didn’t matter. However, it could have helped me by showing that I was proactive.

You may come up with your own questions, just be sure that you are thorough and show that you are determined to succeed. A good mentor will hold you accountable for what you need to be doing as a professional. This is important because you are the one in charge, not the mentor. The mentor is there to help you kick it into gear.

Being a part of Robert Kiyosaki’s mentoring program has changed my life immensely, that I decided to mentor others.

So, if you’re serious about choosing a mentor, then start today and start now. You won’t regret it.

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Choosing a Mentor

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