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Obama and McCain Huge financial small businesses meltdown

Expecting the economy to get better?  If we re-elect a Dermocrat or a Republican don ‘t expect a different result.  At this point in time it is turning into madness with the big money corruption these guys buy into.  Time to get another party in here to balance things out.  Funny how it is the independants that are supposed to swing the election but the media and the debate committiee won’t let Nader or Barr near the door.  We aren’t in enough pain yet.  But it is coming. Raymond Keating, chief economist for the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council argues that the presidential candidates’ proposals for changing employer regulations could potentially add a huge financial burden to small businesses – even more than the tax plans everyone’s arguing about. His analysis suggests that Sen. Obama’s regulatory proposals would be far more financially burdensome to businesses than Sen. McCain’s “sketchier” outline of what regulations he would push for. Sen. Obama, for instance, supports expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act to apply to all businesses with 25 or more employees, compared to the businesses with 50 or more employees that must adhere to it now. What’s more, Sen. Obama supports changing the labor rules to make it easier for labor unions to organize, and tying minimum wage increases to inflation. “These key measures from Obama would be anything but positive for small businesses, and therefore, the economy,” Mr. Keating writes. Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It See more here: Obama and McCain Huge financial small businesses meltdown Share and...

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McCain Administration Will Kill Small Business Programs and Maybe SBA

According to Lloyd Chapman, President of the American Small Business League he feels that John McCain will be detremental to American Small Businesses.  I can tell you that during the primary I asked to interview him and they felt that I was better off speaking with their campaign finance chairman.  I declined the interview which might have been short sighted, however judging by McCain’s ACTIONS and not his words he has no intent to help small businesses.  If he was soooooo busy during the primary’s umteen monts of campaigning and he couldn’t speak with My Success Gateway for 10 minutes he does not deserve the White House.  Obama, Clinton, Romney, Guiliani all declined as well. Hold on to your hats folks we are going to get some change and what we won’t see change is the greed, back stabbing, lack of leadership and integrity.  Both parties and the public (we keep reelecting the same louses) have demonstrated that we need more of the same sewer antics as we have asked for. Over 56% of all Americans work in small businesses and those firms are responsible for over 90% of all new jobs in this country. If John McCain is elected President, he will close the SBA, the only federal agency in Washington to help small businesses. Senator McCain will end all federal programs developed to assist small businesses and firms owned by women, minorities and veterans. You only have to look at Senator McCain’s website to see a glimpse of the future for small businesses under a McCain Presidency. The top issue on Senator McCain’s website under small business is “increased domestic exploration of oil and natural gas.” Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Source:McCain Administration Will Kill Small Business Programs and Maybe SBA Share and...

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101 Reasons Why Freelancers do it Better

In reading this freelancers post I had to share it with the My Success Gateway community.  It really caught my eye since many entrepreneurs have started out with freelancing jobs before forging into small businesses.  A happy worker is a productive worker, and it’s hard to find a happier lot than freelancers. Whether they’re entrepreneurs, Web workers or something in between, freelancers enjoy a better lifestyle than their cube-dwelling brethren. Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Here is the original post: 101 Reasons Why Freelancers do it Better Share and...

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How to Boost Sales in Tough Economy

As I wrestle with a decision to move to the MAC platform I get an e-mail from a CRM company Avidian.  The e-mail is not only spot on, it can make the difference between pass and fail in a business environment.  The information James Wong offers are a few simple suggestions and he has the software to to enable the suggestions if you would like a little support. by James Wong, CEO Avidian In today’s struggling economy, maintaining strong sales growth can be a greater and greater challenge. It’s OK to sulk for a little while but now that you are done with sulking, it’s time to take action to maintain or continue your growth. One of the most efficient solutions to this problem is to focus on creating better processes and leverage the existing tools you already have while spending very little money.   Here are six tips to help grow your sales and leverage your existing resources:  Be more organized. Know who your current customers are, who your prospects are and how you became aware of them. Keep all information regarding customers and prospects up to date so that you have accurate data available when needed. If you are an Outlook user, you can be more organized by leveraging Outlook’s contact, calendar and tasks features. You can also keep an Excel spreadsheet of contact information but that can get arduous if you have many contacts. Some of you might need more sales features than what Outlook has to offer and if that is the case, please consider checking out Prophet.  Focus on the funnel. At any given time, your sales cycle will include various deals at different stages of completion. Tracking where specific clients are in this sales cycle is vital to ensuring that none of these deals fall through the cracks. To keep track of your sales pipeline, develop a list of milestones that you would like achieved by your sales team. These milestones will be different for every business, but should include three to five decision or contact points. For example some contact points might be the initial contact, a follow-up, a verbal agreement and finally a written contract. CRM programs like Prophet can help with this and it’s easy because it’s built right inside of Outlook. Again, you can create a spreadsheet listing each individual sale, where each sale is in the sales process and the estimated date of closure. However if you have many opportunities or want to share the information, getting a CRM application makes sense.  Track who your evangelists are and thank them. It is important to keep track of your customers, but...

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Cashflow at La Tazza

We had a great game of Cashflow 202 Saturday night, October 11th at La Tazza, in downtown Leominster. James, Dan, Marria and myself played. Anita McHugh dropped by for a while before she had to take off. Lee got out of the Rat Race first, about an hour into playing, followed a few turns later by James, then Dan and Marria. James won first thanks to striking oil with the Russian oil deal. These things happen in life; you have to be willing to take a risk. In real life, this sort of thing would be open to qualified investors (anyone in the Fast Track is) because of risk and in James’ case, it would not have negatively impacted him if it had not succeeded. We continued playing and I was able to buy another business on the next turn or two which put me over the $50K per month increase in cash flow and I already had two dreams. We called the game at this point because it was still early and Dan had a long ride home. We didn’t actually start until 7PM or so and we were done by 9:30PM. Now that was a fast, focused game and we ate dinner while we played. In this game, we all played the business manager but started with different starting portfolios. I started with a small amount of cash and a smallish stock portfolio. Initially, I had not been able to buy any real estate on my own (not enough money and I didn’t go heavily into debt) but I was able to partner profitably. I also was able short and option stock and sold my initial portfolio after a while without the companies failing. That allowed me to progess slowly in passive income and generate over $500K. I wasn’t negatively affected by a bad economic outlook and diminished rents. Then, with lots of cash on hand, I was able to buy a lot of junk bonds with a conservative yield that but me out of the Rat Race and on to the fast track. I never was able to lend privately to the Rat Race as all had sufficient cash. I stayed and talked with Stephanie, the owner, and patrons of La Tazza until just after midnight. I like the place and really enjoyed the political discussion. It also was good for another reason because I was given a strong lead for a potential deal. I’m not saying this to brag but. I’m saying this to share what this experience shows: if you are in the market for (insert item here), TELL PEOPLE! I don’t care if...

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He’s #1!

Warren Buffett has has once again become the wealthiest individual because of market volatility and shrewd buys. Would you believe his networth INCREASED by $8B last month? Click and learn more. Wow! Forwarded by Danielle. Read more: He’s #1! Share and...

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What a mess

I’ve been delinquent the past few months in posting. I’ve been quite busy, what with some of my business ventures (including a couple of new ones), real estate and the real estate investment clubs. There’s a lot of fodder for blog posts over the past few months. From more bank collapses including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, insurance company implosions including AIG, foreclosures skyrocketing, etc. But keep reading because you’ll find what finally motivated me to blog today when I’ve already get about 18 hours of work in the next 5-1/2 hours. I’m pretty much sick and tired of hearing mortgage brokers lay the blame squarely at the feet of borrowers. Let’s face it: there are (or were) a lot of bad brokers that coached borrowers and in some cases outright misled them. There were also borrowers that went along knowing full well that they were lying and could. The borrower knew it, the broker (and originator) knew it, the bank knew it. Even the insurers knew it. AIG was “insuring” these loans that everybody in all financial sectors knew were fundamentally unsound. Then they were put together with other loans of all grades into a great big pot. Then, like apples that you wouldn’t eat because they look bad and are on their way out but when pureed you don’t know the difference when made into apple sauce and sugar is added, they got sliced and diced into little pieces sold to investors as a sanitized product that had supposedly reduced the risk. Then they paid the companies to rate the new securities. Just like banks that had their preferred property appraisers that were compromised (think the investigations in NY and CA into inflated appraisals pushing people into jumbo mortgages or sub-prime products by collusion), the ratings were inflated (and unregulated). To further wash these bad mortgages, these securities were sliced and diced again in new securities, and rerated even higher! What investors doesn’t want some of their assets in AAA rated securities that pay a rate of about 8%? For those wondering, that AAA rating is supposed to mean that there’s about as little risk as there could possibly be. Ever since falling out of the last real estate bubble in the early-mid ’90’s, government has wanted to increase home ownership. That’s good for everybody including real estate investors and government because, lets face it, prices go up and so does tax revenue in a world of increasing value. So let’s just drop that partisan political nonesense. Republicans have been trying to blame Bill Clinton, Democrats, Congress, etc. In other words, it’s that nebulous “them”. Democrats have...

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Kiyosaki predicted collapse of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers

Indeed he did! Watch and find out. Also, check out his new post on Yahoo Finance. Both from an email earlier today for the Rich Dad Company to Insiders. Original post: Kiyosaki predicted collapse of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers Share and...

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For Entrepreneurs: How To Sell In Tough Economic Times

I think I heard Zig Ziglar say that the sales profession is full time job security if you are good and you are with the right company no matter which end of the economy you are on.  If you are making your numbers and your company can’t do it with out you you are safe, and if your’re not safe, you’ll easily be employed somewhere else. Mastering the skill of sales is transferrable as they say in the Forbes article, but having a network to draw from is probably just as important.  I’ve been surprised to learn how small the world is, people know other people so easily these days.Salespeople are often the first to get whacked when the economy goes south. But here’s some good news for busted Wall Streeters–and any other commission chasers laid low by the latest economic crisis: Salesmanship is a transferable skill. If you can sell stocks, bonds and financial derivatives, you can sell real estate, technology, autos and tooth brushes. That’s because the fundamental tools are the same. Salespeople know how to frame a discussion. They know how to ask the right questions and, with a little discipline, shut up and listen to the answers. They can relate to people. And they have the courage to ask for business and try new things. So what happens if–and when–you lose your job? First, you go have a martini and a big steak dinner. Then you look for a growing market to attack.   Share This Blog more…. BlogPulse Technorati Cosmos Sphere It Read the original here: For Entrepreneurs: How To Sell In Tough Economic Times Share and...

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Some great stuff

Several big items of interest or just good fun. All forwarded by Danielle Rocheford. Thanks! This guy shorted sub-prime and it made him a billionaire with a B! Click and learn more! Here’s a Powerpoint presentation that pretty much gives a few minute description of the hows and whys of the real estate / mortgage debacle. Laugh, it’s funny. Then cry, because is isn’t. Some great stuff Share and...

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