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Revealing Robert Kiyosaki Predictions For The Future

A book that was in the top 5 positions on the New York Times Bestseller list for 290 straight weeks, with 13 years of success and 28 million copies sold worldwide rarely needs any introduction and Robert Kiyosaki and his motivational book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad” can certainly attest to that. Why not consider advice on obtaining success from a man who was once named on a “30 Entrepreneurs We Most Admire” list? In his groundbreaking book, Kiyosaki touches upon the two most influential persons in his life. They are two men with two totally different attitudes regarding all aspects of finance and success. He describes the positive outlook of one father, and the negative outlook of the other. His “poor” dad had the attitude that “You can’t afford to do this,” and sadly, manifested a life of poverty. The other, his “rich” dad rose to wealth by teaching the proper mindset for success and instilling in him the mantra, “Let’s see how we can make this a possibility for you.” He learned valuable lessons about economic security, self-perception and the power of working for himself from both of his fathers – the rich dad and the poor dad-and what he learned has little to do with college degrees or extensive education. Quite simply, Kiyosaki tells us that opening our minds to the right questions can open our lives up to unlimited possibilities. Working for yourself will help you retire comfortably because when you believe and invest in yourself, you have more power and control over your future. Kiyosaki knows this from life experience and continues to document his path to success throughout his best-selling books, DVDs, games and seminars. Robert Kiyosaki explores the powerful life lessons he received from his “rich” dad. This was the father who taught him financial freedom and showed him first-hand how to make his money work for him, so that he didn’t have to work so hard for his money. This dad showed him step-by-step how to exponentially increase wealth by becoming a business owner, rather than working for someone else at a job (just over broke) that would never get him ahead financially. Kiyosaki demonstrates how you can do less work and make more money and how wealth is accessible to us all. He and mega-mogul Donald Trump are huge proponents of direct sales and network marketing opportunities as a great start to an entrepreneurial career and building a business that will be around long after we are gone – something we can pass on to our children for generations to come. When you make the decision to start your own...

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The Business of the 21st Century

Product Description The 8 Wealth-Building Assets of Network Marketing Robert Kiyosaki believes in the power of network marketing! In his new book, he explains why this is the best time to start your own business and secure your financial future! For the past several years, multimillionaire businessman, entrepreneur, and investor Robert Kiyosaki has been a staunch supporter of network marketing. Like many people, he was skeptical about the industry at first … until he learned first… More >> The Business of the 21st Century Share and...

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Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant: What is Robert Kiyosaki’s Opinion on Network Marketing?

If you are at all familiar with Network Marketing and the challenges you face sometimes trying to explain the validity and greatness of the industry, you MUST understand who Robert Kiyosaki is and his opinion on Network Marketing. Why is it so important and such a BIG deal that Robert Kiyosaki’s name is associated with Network Marketing in such a POSITIVE way? The answer is obvious: he is one of the most successful and most wealthy entrepreneurs in history. He’s worked with the likes of Donald Trump. And guess what? He 100% endorses the Network Marketing industry. You can absolutely use this to your advantage. In this article I will explain how using Robert Kiyosaki’s name in conjunction with Network Marketing will make it that much easier for you to have the confidence to go out and prospect people for your business. (Be sure to read my article “Filling the MLM Funnel” for more information on prospecting and recruiting!) When Robert Kiyosaki is asked why so few people make it to the top of their network marketing system, he says it’s because the system is open to everyone. In traditional businesses, usually only one person can be at the top, and this is what people are accustomed to. In Network Marketing, most people quit before they even get started. The reason for this is because most people only join a Network Marketing company to make easy money. If they don’t make money in the first few months or years, they become discouraged and quit (and then often bad-mouth the industry!). Others quit and go looking for a company with a better compensation plan. Either way, starting a Network Marketing business just to make a quick buck will never work. The 2 Biggest reasons to join a Network Marketing Company: 1. To help yourself. 2. To help others. If you join for only one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you. If you are solely looking to help yourself then you have started the business simply to change over from the E (Employee) or S (Self-Employed) Quadrant to the B (Business Owner) or I (Investor) Quadrant, based on Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant. This is usually a very difficult change for people, because of the money and mindset. A typical E or S Quadrant type person usually won’t work for anything unless they are getting paid. Going back to why people don’t reach the top of their Network Marketing organization – it’s because they don’t really want to change quadrants, they just want to make more money. A typical person who is in the B or...

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Rich Dad’s Advisors: OPM: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments–The Ultimate Leverage

Product Description Cash flow is the foundation of every successful business, but investors do not have to start with their own money to build a business. Money can be made by acquiring an asset, turning an idea into a fortune, or building a business, using other peoples moneyOPM. This book will discuss different forms of OPM, how to find OPM, the consequences of using OPM, and the legal aspects and pitfalls of trying to access OPM…. More >> Rich Dad’s Advisors: OPM: How to Attract Other People’s Money for Your Investments–The Ultimate Leverage Share and...

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Rich Dad’s – How To: Find Great Investments

Product Description Learn what to look for, what questions to ask-and what you can do to impact the bottom line profitability of your investments…. More >> Rich Dad’s – How To: Find Great Investments Share and...

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Robert Kiyosaki, Who Is Going To Lose Their Employment? Will It Be You?

Who is going to lose their employment? What can you do to change it? Robert Kiyosaki shares what is happening on in the USA, Great Britain, and the world. To discover what you need do to put yourself in a good position, in the global economy, keep reading now… Robert Kiyosaki – The US Unemployment is currently reported to be 10% in the US. In actuality, it is much higher when you incorporate people that have been seeking a job for an extended period of time – and are now hopeless. The main reason, Robert states, is because salaries in the USA, the UK, Europe, and Japan are substantial. Today, wages in the US are notably higher than emerging countries. Personally, residing in Mexico, for the last 4 years, I found out that the incomes do not compare to the USA. Think about it, why in the world would business leadership teams, attempting to slash costs and strengthen profitability, pay so much more for similar services they can outsource to people in emerging countries? Therein lays the main issue. What is amazing to see, these days, is that workers in the federal government, not state and local, are being pay higher salaries and receiving many more benefits than employees in the private realm. This makes economic matters worse. The United States needs to print more currency and raise taxes to afford these new high-paid people. (Remember the value of the US dollar is no longer attached to gold, so the Fed can print as much as they require.) That results in a swell in inflation. Robert Kiyosaki – The UK Robert Kiyosaki was in the UK, this June, and talked about what he found out. He tells us that England’s government has declared war, in a manner of speaking, on the poor, parents, and the middle class by eliminating several of the social programs they have depended upon. England is taking these actions to cure their financial circumstances. They must, in order to prevent going bankrupt in the next 5 years. The United States ought to learn something from Great Britain. Unfortunately, they are increasing the danger of economic disaster if they keep on their present course. (Bankruptcy is projected to happen within ten years unless changes are made.) Yet, government officials are more focused on what takes place between elections instead of implementing the best course of action for the long run. What Can You Do To Change It? Here is what Robert Kiyosaki said… “Rather than looking for a high paying job, I continually recommend starting your own business, educating yourself financially, buying silver rather than saving...

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Robert Kiyosaki Overview

Robert Kiyosaki is many things; an author of self-help books, an investor, a business man, as well as a motivational speaker. Without doubting though, Robert Kiyosaki is known best as the bestselling author of a series titled Rich Dad, Poor Dad . Robert Kiyosaki has become one of the leading voices in educating people in the area of developing their own personal finances. With twenty-six books in the Rich Dad series, Robert Kiyosaki has sold more than twenty-seven million books worldwide. His works have been translated in fifty-one different languages for markets in a hundred-and-one various countries across the world, eventually leading him to countless bestsellers lists across Asia, Australia, Europe, Mexico, and South America. Robert Kiyosaki’s first book Rich Dad, Poor Dad was a sensational hit from the get go and has been on the New York Times best sellers list for six years as of November 2007. The sequel to Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant also landed on New York Times best sellers as did a third book titled Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing. These three books were concurrently on top ten bestsellers for The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today, and The New York Times, which all just happen to report to Publisher’s Weekly. In reviewing publications of 2005, Publisher’s Weekly applauded Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad, Poor Dad for performing way beyond a publisher’s expectation. Robert Kiyosaki was also inducted in’s Hall of Fame in 2005, coming in the top twenty-five, at number twenty-three, just edging out the likes of such literary geniuses such as Tom Clancy and William Shakespeare (!). With all these accomplishments Robert Kiyosaki has become one of the most successful writers of motivational books of a financial nature. The purpose and mission of Robert Kiyosaki is aimed to help people achieve economic success and stability. Robert Kiyosaki has a certain style in motivating, and his attitude towards money is defiant and pro-active. These values have found its way into his many books of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, and in their deliverance has helped many people understand how to make money work for them. Applying these learnt skills, which develops into financial literacy, and as Robert Kiyosaki believes, will create an understanding of how to use money in the real world. Concepts and attitudes, along with definitions of words such as wealth and assets, determines how somebody handles money, and the way Robert Kiyosaki understands it, if somebody has the right attitude and defines such key words properly than anyone will be on the right track in achieving financial success. Robert Kiyosaki stresses this point...

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The “7 Steps” to The Life Cycle of Money!

I’m here to help you understand MONEY at its simplest form. Robert ‘Rich Dad’ Kiyosaki states over and over that the knowledge of money matters are the pinnacle supreme to financial wealth success. You can tell that he truly believes this in his writings. Like I said, I’m here to help you understand ‘ understand MONEY at its simplest form. These are The 7 Steps to the Life Cycle of Money (in any society or civilization proven throughout history!): 1. Free Market emerges In the beginning of any civilization or the re-beginning of a civilization such as after an economic collapse, one thing immediately emerges due to the talents and gifts given to everyone individually and specifically. One man may specialize in cutting down trees and building houses while another herds cattle and yet another grows vegetables in a garden. Then this is what happens: The timberman needs food and the gardener needs a house. This is where the need to trade naturally emerges And You Have ‘Free Trade’ .. This is also known as a barter system. 2. Free Market Money emerges Next, a Free Market Money emerges. This is a Need due to the fact that different quantities of different items have a ‘different value’. So for example, say the Gardener needs a house built but the Timberman doesn’t need that many vegetables. They will go to waste. Meanwhile, somewhere in the free market, a man found a gold mine and started mining for gold. This is his trade, and this is also a very difficult process. Due to its lack there of and difficulty to mine, free market money (gold and silver) emerges. This is now used as a ‘trading unit’ in free trade. 3. Government emerges Order slowly starts coming to the civilization and a government emerges to maintain that law & order. (note: they don’t provide any direct products or services to the market but to ‘regulate’) In not too long, the government starts regulating the market by placing rules in effect (i.e. times to trade, what can be traded, taxes, and more.) 4. Government Monopolizes The government decides to issue its own form of ‘money’ also known as fiat money or currency. Its important to realize that this is not gold or silver. This becomes items such as the $20 paper promise note in your pocket that probably didn’t cost anymore than $.01 cent to create. So, it leads to the very curious question: How much is your ‘money’ really worth? 5. Debase the Money Didn’t think it could get any worse or more manipulated? Well, this is the process in which leads...

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Robert Kiyosaki – 60 Minutes To Getting Rich

Rich Dad’s 60 Minutes to Getting Rich! is an hour long and it’s broken into 6 brief segments that I will outline in the review below. The setting of the “personal seminar” DVD is in a rather small indoor room, with an audience of maybe 50 to 100 people. Robert Kiyosaki starts the program by giving a brief overview of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and what both his dads taught him, as well as their philosophies on money. Here are some of Robert Kiyosaki’s key points taken from Rich Dad’s 60 Minutes to Getting Rich! Part One Money Is an Idea Of course, if you know Robert Kiyosaki he usually talks about his poor dad’s idea that his house is an asset, and that his rich dad contests that that is one reason he is poor. One of the interesting things he says is that his rich dad told him to never say quote, “I can’t afford that.” Instead ask yourself, “How can I afford that?” Kiyosaki says there are three main points that he feels made a real big difference in his life. They were: 1. Money is an idea. The first way to get more money to change what you think. 2. Money Does not make you rich. Case in point, Robert’s poor dad made more money than his rich dad. 3. There are two kinds of money problems – not enough and too much money. And every person, company, and government has money problems. You need to ask yourself which of these two problems do you want? Money comes down to a choice: Every day he has to make a choice: Do I want to be rich or do I want to be poor? Part Two Your House Is Not an Asset He covers the cash flow quadrant (E, S, B, and I) — Employee, Self-employed or Specialist, Big business person and Investor. Employees want security and are mostly controlled by fear. Specialists don’t trust others, and their income is generally maxed out around $500,000 per year, because “time is money.” Big business and investors have essentially unlimited income potential. The way to get rich is via the B (big business) and I (investor) means. Part 3 Earn More… Work Less Kiyosaki talks about the importance of being able to read a financial statement, and the fact that tax laws are written for the rich, by the rich. Don’t work for money. Work for acquiring assets. Part Four Mind Your Own Business His Rich Dad told him that when he is an employee he’s minding somebody else’s business, but you want to be a business owner...

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Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of The Rich on Alex Jones TV

Alex welcomes to the show investor, businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki. Mr. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series of motivational books and other material published under the Rich Dad brand. He has written 15 books which have combined sales of over 26 million copies. He has created three “Cashflow” board and software games for adults and children and has a series of “Rich Dad” audio cassettes and disks. Other books by Kiyosaki include: Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom, Why We Want You To Be Rich, and Before You Quit Your Job. Part 1/3 Part 2/3 Part 3/3 Share and...

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