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Amazing and GREAT Success Story!

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This is a riveting interview. I met Mark Anthony Garrett through Youtube. I went to his site to check him out and I saw that he was raised in foster care. This immediately peeked my interest and I had to get to know this guy and his story, because I knew he had a just a few more challenges than the rest of us. I also knew without meeting him he had a great attitude, life has thrown a lot of obstacles at Mark Anthony and he will discuss how he grows through those obstacles vs. goes through the obstacles.

In this interview with Mark Anthony Garrett he talks about life and his life. He is authentic, vulnerable, well spoken, clear with his message and someone who is making a difference on a daily basis to hundreds if not thousands of lives. He has a story and now the experience we can all learn from.

Let’s touch on some of the highlights: His mom was a prostitute, he came into foster care as an infant. He was adopted at seven years old then he was sexually abused. He was in and out of gangs and he was in drugs. He contemplated suicide. He talks about how he made the choice not to commit suicide with the gun at his head and the help of a friend. All the while he had mentors who got through to him. Now Mark Anthony is giving back that mentorship wisdom to others, especially kids in foster care.

Mark Anthony Garrett walks the walk and talks the talk.  I look forward to learning more of the valuable lessons he has to teach.   He is living proof that no obstacle can’t be overcome.
This interview will move you, it did me. Thanks for making a difference Mark Anthony, keep up the good work!

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Amazing and GREAT Success Story!

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